Introducing the all-time Green Bay Packers tournament

Like you, we’re missing March Madness.

The stunning upsets, the memorable buzzer-beaters, the viral videos of trombone players weeping in the bleachers. But most of all, we just miss looking at brackets.

Packers All-Time Tournament

So, we thought, why not run a tournament of our own? Except in this case, on the (fictional) gridiron.

We’ve found what we consider the best teams in Green Bay Packers history (in the modern era, since 1941) and seeded them in a Sweet 16 style tournament.

Here’s a brief explainer on the tournament:


Here’s how we came up with the Sweet 16.

We looked at how far every Packers team got in the playoffs. Every Super Bowl and NFL championship winner — and loser — made it in. As did any which made a conference championship. That took care of 15 teams.

For the final, we looked at those which made the divisional round and then which team had the best regular-season record – easily the 15-1 2011 squad.

When it came to seedings, we used regular-season records, starting with the Super Bowl and NFL championship winners – that’s half the teams. And then the Super Bowl and NFL championship losers were the next two followed by the conference championship losers in order of regular-season record and finally the 2011 divisional-round loser mentioned above.

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Here’s how it will work for the 15 games:

First, we’ll post a preview with a poll allowing you to vote on who you think will win.

The next day – we’ll do this on back-to-back days, so we won’t post something on a Friday then wait until Monday, but at the same point we’ll likely be “off” Sundays) – we’ll simulate the matchup using, which will give us a full play-by-play breakdown, statistics and more to dive into.

Then, we’ll post the final score with a game recap and stats.

And that’s how it will run until the championship when the Lam-Bowl champion will be crowned.