StaTuesday: Packers have historically had success coming off bye week

Since 2008, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy, the Green Bay Packers are 6-1 coming off the bye.

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The Green Bay Packers are 6-0 and in first place in the NFC North as they enter their Week 7 bye.

It’s a welcome respite for a team that — especially on offense — has been beset by numerous injuries. It’s an opportune chance for battered bodies to rest, relax and rehabilitate.

As coach Mike McCarthy said, "We need it. I mean, we’re beat up."

When the Packers return to action next week, they’ll be preparing for a marquee Sunday Night Football matchup on the road Nov. 1 against the Denver Broncos, who are also undefeated and will also be coming off the bye.

StaTuesday Series Archive

With multiple starters nursing injuries, including wide receiver Davante Adams and safety Morgan Burnett, among other players who have been out, the break comes at a good time for the Packers. They’ll hope to be much healthier when they get back to Green Bay next week.

From a historical perspective, Green Bay has had a lot of success the week after the bye — especially under McCarthy.

Since the NFL in 1990 implemented the practice of a bye week in the schedule, the Packers have gone 17-9 (.654 winning percentage) in the ensuing game. But since McCarthy took over as head coach in 2006, they’ve been even better, losing just once in nine games the week after their bye. Their combined margin of victory in those nine games was 272-140 (plus-132 point differential). Last year, they routed the Bears, 55-14, after the Week 9 bye.

The extra preparation certainly seems to help.

Six other times in the previous 25 years the Packers had a Week 7 bye. They went 4-2 in the subsequent games. The team they’ve played most often after the bye is the Minnesota Vikings, against whom they are 4-3 in seven games.

Coincidentally, the Packers’ only loss after the bye under McCarthy came against the Broncos. The year was 2007. The bye? Week 7, just like it is this season. Green Bay won 19-13 in that game.

Here are the results for Green Bay, by season, after its bye week.

Packers after the bye

2014 9 Bears Win, 55-14
2013 4 Lions Win, 22-9
2012 10 Lions Win, 24-20
2011 8 Chargers Win, 45-38
2010 10 Vikings Win, 31-3
2009 5 Lions Win, 26-0
2008 8 Titans Loss, 19-16
2007 7 Broncos Win, 19-13
2006 6 Dolphins Win, 34-24
2005 6 Vikings Loss, 23-20
2004 9 Vikings Win, 34-31
2003 8 Vikings Win, 30-27
2002 8 Dolphins Win, 24-10
2001 7 Buccaneers Win, 21-20
2000 8 Dolphins Loss, 28-20
1999 4 Buccaneers Win, 26-23
1998 6 Lions Loss, 27-20
1997 8 Patriots Win, 28-10
1996 8 Buccaneers Win, 13-7
1995 5 Cowboys Loss, 34-24
1994 7 Vikings Loss, 13-10
1993 3 Vikings Loss, 15-13
1993* 7 Buccaneers Win, 37-14
1992 6 Browns Loss, 17-6
1991 7 Bears Loss, 10-0
1990 7 Vikings Win, 24-10

* In 1993, the NFL had double bye weeks.

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