Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn call it quits

Actress Olivia Munn and quarterback Aaron Rodgers have ended their relationship after nearly three years of dating.

There’s a pretty good chance Olivia Munn will never set foot in Green Bay again.

Both People and E! have reported that the actress and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have been released from their relationship and will now explore the dating free-agent market after seeing each other for nearly three years.

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That sound you hear is thousands of Wisconsinites un-following Munn on Instagram (and perhaps a chorus of “yays” from those who might have blamed her for any time Rodgers had a poor game).

We’ll sure miss the occasional update of the couple from Munn, whether it be her defending her (now ex-) beau’s relationship with his family or outing Rodgers as a “Star Wars” geek.

E! reports that it was Munn who called off the relationship but they could “rekindle” things later.

While some may hold out hope for a reuniting, we’re left to wonder who gets custody of Frankie and Chance?