Gooden uses fan to flush the competition

Zack Krupp was willing to do anything to go to an NBA game.

Anything meant putting a jersey of one of his favorite players on his favorite team in his toilet.

When the 19-year-old native of Round Lake Beach, Ill., saw Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden tweet an offer of two tickets to the first person who sent him a picture of a Bulls jersey in a toilet, there was little doubt in Krupp’s mind that this was his chance to get to a game.

“The second I saw the tweet I didn’t hesitate to participate,” Krupp told “I’m always willing to go watch some basketball.

“I am a Bulls fan, and I felt bad it had to be (Kirk) Hinrich because I am a fan of his — so I did feel a little bad — but it was well worth two free tickets to the game.”

Krupp, who attends the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Ill., also received postgame passes but didn’t get to meet Gooden.

“It was mostly player’s families,” Krupp said. “But (Monta) Ellis, (Brandon) Jennings, (Ersan) Ilyasova, (Samuel) Dalembert, (Larry) Sanders and (Mike) Dunleavy all came out. I shook Dunleavy’s hand, and I asked Larry if Drew was coming out and he told me he had already left. I was hoping to get a picture with him.”

Gooden and Hinrich were not only former teammates with the Bulls but also played together at the University of Kansas.

“Hated for it to be Kirk’s jersey but oh well,” Gooden tweeted.

Bulls forward Joakim Noah, a close friend of Gooden, got in a bit of a friendly Twitter war with Gooden on Sunday. The Bulls beat Milwaukee on Saturday, which caused Gooden to send a tweet saying that the Bucks were looking for payback on Monday.

After a few friendly back-and-forth tweets, Noah sent this:

“U dont want twitter war Goody. Word on street is ur minglin around Mastros. I’ll send Bulls fans to come tie you up.”

Krupp feels the contest all stemmed from the friendly battle on Twitter.

“I think that was Drew’s way of getting back at Noah a little bit even though they’re friends,” Krupp said. “Because he knows he can manipulate the fans with tickets, it was creative.”

Both Noah and Gooden confirmed that it was all fun, but it was Gooden who got the final laugh after his team rallied from 27 points down to win on Monday night.

The final tweet from Gooden?

“Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!! Go Bucks!!”

Krupp wasn’t laughing, however. Though he appreciated Gooden’s gesture, the big Bucks comeback left him down.

“I was disappointed the Bulls gave up a 27-point lead and ended up losing,” Krupp said. “I’m a fan of the game and a lot of players in general, and I appreciate what Drew did as a person because it was an awesome experience, but I’m still a big Bulls fan.”

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