Eddie Lacy says goodbye with charitable garage sale

Eddie Lacy is leaving Green Bay and moving to Seattle, but first he’s going to be selling off some of his stuff.

The former Packers running back who signed with the Seahawks this offseason has decided to do what many people do when they are going to move and realize they can’t take all their possessions with them to their new location. He’s having a garage sale.

Lacy announced on Twitter he’s going to have a sale with all the proceeds going to charity.

Maybe Lacy will have some Packers gear or merchandise he peddles on his website, but realistically he’s trying to rid himself of things which he doesn’t want to put on the moving van or haul to Seattle.

So what will Lacy have for sale? He might have given a few hints in the past.

He likes to make healthy food, so perhaps a blender . . .

. . . or maybe that knife set?

What about a kitchen chair?

Or something a little more comfy?

Lacy might have a clock for sale. Perhaps a TV with speakers? Guessing those items on his fireplace won’t be available (but, hey, you never know).

Lacy did send out a tweet Thursday saying “Caution ya won’t find any Fine China, Gucci sneaks or flat screens, I’m pretty simple. Just raising a few bucks for a good cause.”

However, we have a feeling that Tony Montana picture would fetch a nice price tag.

No word, though, on if there will be one slightly used P90X DVD available.