‘Bucky on Parade’ brings 85 statues of Badgers mascot to Madison

Bucky Badger is taking over Madison.

“Bucky on Parade” opened Monday, a public art installation featuring 85 statues of Wisconsin’s mascot positioned around the city and Dane County. The statues — which are all 6-feet tall and weigh around 160 lbs — were designed by local artists, and cover a wide range of both Wisconsin and Wisconsin-related topics.

The full list is pretty impressive.

There’s biker Bucky, robot Bucky, flamingo Bucky, biotech Bucky, lifeguard Bucky, hippy Bucky and tattooed Bucky, to name a few of the more unique varieties.

Several of the statues are owned by sponsors, while around 30 statues will be put up for auction after the installation ends.

Athletic director Barry Alvarez was even spotted with his own statue, dubbed “Bucky Alvarez.”

Sponsored by the Madison Area Sports Commission, proceeds from the installations, which run through September 12, benefit the commission, as well as Badgers men’s basketball coach Greg Gard’s charity, Garding Against Cancer.

Check out a few of the Bucky statues in the wild.