Brewers Friday: Rogers to the bullpen?

Mark Rogers is struggling, and that has put the Milwaukee Brewers in a tough spot.

With Rogers out of minor league options and knowing he still possesses the talent to almost certainly get claimed if put on waivers, the Brewers have to work something out to get the right-hander back on track.

Right now that doesn’t include another spring training start. Rogers has a 7.50 ERA in six spring innings, he has walked 10 with just one strikeout, and reports indicate the velocity on his fastball is down. He’s all but out of the mix to make the rotation, leaving Brewers manager Ron Roenicke searching for something to do with him.

“He’s going to probably throw some type of simulated game here in the next whatever days, and then we’ll kind of re-evaluate and see what we’re going to do there,” Roenicke said. ” … We’ve talked to him and want to figure out what’s the next step to try and get him back to that guy that we saw last year.”

Rogers, 27, came up from Triple-A Nashville in late July and posted a 3.92 ERA in seven starts before being shut down after Aug. 31. The former first-round pick was healthy and was finally flashing the top-level stuff he’s always possessed.

That stuff is why the Brewers would lose him if they try to sneak him to the minor leagues. Milwaukee is likely going to have to try to get him going out of the bullpen.

“We’ve talked about that,” Roenicke said. “(Pitching coach) Rick (Kranitz) is going to do some things with him here in the next couple days and just see whether it’s a minor league game or an inning or two in relief for us we’re going to try to figure that out. Right now, I don’t have him scheduled to start a major league game, but that’s not to say he won’t do it.

“The biggest thing though is just let’s get him right. We want to get him right, now let’s figure out what we’re going to do. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Interviews for this story provided by the Milwaukee Brewers.

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