Boeheim’s emotions boil over after close loss

MILWAUKEE — Almost two weeks after Jim Boeheim called a reporter an “idiot” in his postgame news conference, the longtime Syracuse coach got on another diatribe following Monday’s loss to Marquette.

And this one ended with Boeheim saying, “Go get your Pulitzer someplace else” while getting up and leaving the room.

Appearing exhausted and frustrated, Boeheim got started when a reporter asked whether freshman forward DaJuan Coleman (who has been out since Jan. 26 with a knee injury but is cleared to play and has been practicing) would have been an option to slow Marquette’s Davante Gardner inside (Gardner scored a career-high 26 points in the 74-71 win). He answered the question by saying his two best defenders were on the court but then had a follow up remark.

“You should try coaching because that’s what you think you are,” Boeheim said. “Maybe you should try that.”

A national college basketball writer then asked the 68-year-old coach whether his team lacks a leader to lean on during a losing streak late in the season.

“I don’t even understand that,” Boeheim said. “You think because you come to Marquette and lose a three-point game you need a new guy? I don’t.”

When there was a break in the questions, Boeheim used it to continue at reporters.

“Any more coaches here? Want to ask another coaching question? I’d be happy to take it. I’ve only been doing this 37 years, I’m sure you’ve got more ideas of who we should play or we shouldn’t play or who should lead? What do I know?”

The direction was then changed to ask about Syracuse’s final trip to Milwaukee as a conference foe, as the Orange are leaving for the ACC after the season. Boeheim used the question as an opportunity to take a shot at the league.

“It is what it is,” Boeheim said. “If they had signed the TV deal for $17 million per school, I guess they are signing one now for about 2.5. That was a good decision. Big East brought it on themselves. Sign the TV deal and nothing would have happened. They were going to get more money? Didn’t work out that way.”

After the room went quiet again, Boeheim continued.

“Any more ideas for me guys? I think you ought to know by now if you start asking me those questions, I just laugh at you. That’s all I’ll do.”

He then uttered the line about trying to win a Pulitzer and the awkward nine minutes were over, but not before Boeheim created quite the stir for the second time in as many weeks.

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