Beau Allen: Excited, anxious for NFL Draft

Beau Allen met with 11 teams while waiting for the NFL Draft and believes he helped improve his stock.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

I moved out of Madison last week — it was actually kind of emotional for me, a little sad. I’ve been home in Minnetonka, Minn., working out, being bored and basically waiting for the draft.

I went golfing. It was my first time out on the course and it actually didn’t go as bad as I thought it would — I’m not a very good golfer — but it was fun. I just have to find things to do to keep my mind off later this week and stay active and not sit around the house.

On one hand the visits I had to NFL teams were helpful to me because I got to meet with teams and hopefully raise my value showing them my football savvy, but on the other hand I can’t work out, which is hard. I want to get my body right because obviously rookie minicamps will be next week. So it was kind of a double-edged sword. I found myself doing pushups and situps in my hotel room, just trying to get any sort of workout in. Now that I’m back in Minnetonka, getting my body right, doing a lot of cardio, eating clean, trying to get some good sleep, and really trying to get into tip-top shape.

I visited eight teams — and this is the phrase I’ve been using over and over again — teams don’t want you to go out in the open and say where you visited. The draft can be such a mind game and I don’t want any teams to be upset with me, especially in the last week before the draft, so I’ll keep mum on where I went. But I visited eight teams and had three private workouts, so the interest was definitely there.

It feels like this process has lasted forever. I’ve been doing position drills, obviously, but I haven’t put pads on for so long. It’s torture. In fact, my mom talked to James White’s mom and I guess it is the same thing for him. I talked to BK and Pat Muldoon, and we all just want this to be over so we can know where we’re going to be.

I’m excited for the draft. I’m not really nervous — I’m confident that’ll I’m going to be drafted — I just want to know where I’m going to be. I’d say anxious is definitely the word. Just ready for the draft. Everybody is. All the fans are talking about how the draft is so long and it sucks that it’s pushed back, well, consider how it is for us who are actually in it. It’s terrible.

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I’m going to work out all week and try to make up for some lost time. But on Saturday that’s the day I’m anticipating hearing my name called, so I’m just going to hang out with the family. I’m sure I’ll be on the computer refreshing all my info there and checking depth charts of teams and stuff like that and basically just waiting for the call.

I’ve thought about how my life is going to change a little bit, but to be honest I don’t even know what it is going to be like.  I think I’ve mentioned before you get to know the routine of being a student-athlete and how your daily life is, and now it will be a whole new schedule and routine. I’m excited to see how it ends up. Obviously, when you’re a professional athlete you don’t have class and from what I’ve been told, you have a little more free time so I guess that’s why I was working on my golf game! I’m just curious to see what my day-to-day life is and move on to the next step.