Beau Allen: An emotional draft day

Beau Allen was selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The draft was pretty nerve-wracking and hard to describe.

A lot of emotion, pretty stressful.  So much going on. I had a couple of family and friends over, watching TV, updating my computer, waiting for my phone call, checking on a couple of teams’ rosters trying to guess to see who would be interested in me — it was pretty nerve-wracking but obviously it all worked out in the end.

I think the draft started at 11 and I didn’t get my phone call until maybe at like 5:30. So it was just a long, drawn-out day.

It got pretty hectic because in the seventh round I started to field calls from different teams about free agency, and teams jockeying for position there. So I was on the phone with my agent, Scott Smith — he’s getting a ton of calls, I’m getting a ton of calls trying to answer them — and all of a sudden I see a 215 area code come in on my phone, and it says it is Pennsylvania. So I look at my computer and I see that the Eagles have a pick in like two picks, so I was like, "Scott, I have to call you back!" and I answered it and it turned out to the be the Eagles coaching staff, obviously.

I was upstairs in my house — I had to kind of extradite myself from everybody because I was kind of freaking out. I actually had to go downstairs and outside to a more quiet spot while I’m talking to the coaching staff, and while I’m outside I hear a big roar from inside — the pick finally came up on the TV, because it is a little delayed (from the time getting the call to it being announced). Then I just got mobbed. It was a little overwhelming after that. So many people reaching out to me and so much excitement. My friends and family in Minnesota and people Wisconsin and Philly — I’m still a little overwhelmed.

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I can’t actually go to Philadelphia until Thursday because of some strange rule that I haven’t graduated college, I can’t go out until after Madison’s last final. So I can’t fly out until Thursday, but I think everyone else will be out there.

I took a visit there, one of my eight visits. It was one of my first ones and I thought the visit went really, really well. Obviously I met all the coaching staff, learn about the scheme, take you on a tour of the facility . . .  so I think I have a pretty good idea of what they have on the depth chart, what kind of team there are and how coach Azzinaro likes to coach his guys.  And Chip Kelly is pretty progressive with everything that he does, he likes to stay on the cutting edge of things and use all the technology, it’s pretty cool.