Badgers predictions: Game 6 vs. Illinois

I haven’t felt so little buzz for a Wisconsin game since the Badgers hosted Cal Poly in the 2008 season finale.

With Wisconsin dropping from the top 25, there are fewer predictions from around the web for Saturday’s game. But even on Twitter, I’m not getting the snese of much excitement.

Illinois being a pretty bad team and without its usual starting quarterback surely doesn’t help. Wisconsin has a bye next week, but based on the picks perhaps the Badgers have two straight byes.

(Of course, last week I could only find one person to pick Northwestern . . .)

Onto this week’s picks:

Our own Jesse Temple via his Know the Foe series: Wisconsin 38, Illinois 17

All three Big Ten Network analysts are picking Wisconsin to win. The scores: Tom Dienhart 49-24; Sean Merriman 31-17; Brent Yarina 45-17. simulation: Wisconsin is given a 60.4% chance of winning with an average score of 27.6-22.4. (Note: Wow, not a lot of faith here from the sim.)

All four Athlon Sports analysts are picking Wisconsin to win. The scores: David Fox, 42-20; Braden Gall, 38-20; Steven Lassan, 45-17; Mitch Light, 41-17.’s Pete Roussel and Chris Vannini: Roussel — Wisconsin 47, Illinois 20; Vannini: Wisconsin 35, Illinois 21.

All five Big Ten contributors picked Wisconsin to win. A score of 42-20 is listed (as usual, not sure if that was group agreed upon). "Illinois is without starting quarterback Wes Lunt, and the Badgers still have Melvin Gordon. Passing game or not, Wisconsin should cruise."

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