Badgers predictions: Game 3 vs. Bowling Green

After a week’s break, football is back at Camp Randall Stadium. While Saturday’s game features a MAC team in Bowling Green which runs a high-powered offense, I don’t get the feeling that many think the Badgers are in trouble here.

Unless you are using the point spread, that is.

Searching around the Internet for predictions for Wisconsin’s next game I, of course, could not find anyone picking the Falcons to straight out win.

When does Big Ten season begin?

Anyway, here are this week’s picks from around the ‘net (note: No Twitter picks this week. I was out of town and really didn’t get many responses when I inquired. We’ll try again next week):

Our own Jesse Temple via his Know the Foe series: Wisconsin 35, Bowling Green 17

All three Big Ten Network analysts are picking Wisconsin to win. The scores: Tom Dienhart 41-20; Sean Merriman 45-21; Brent Yarina 45-17.

The Associated Press’ Ralph D. Russo: Wisconsin 42, Bowling Green  17.

All four Athlon Sports analysts are picking Wisconsin to win. The scores: David Fox, 42-24; Braden Gall, 42-24; Steven Lassan, 41-20; Mitch Light, 44-20. simulation: Wisconsin is given a 73.3% chance of winning with an average score of 29.2-20.9.

All six analysts are picking Wisconsin to win. However only two are taking the Badgers with a spread of 22.5 points. Wisconsin 44, Bowling Green 17. "Wisconsin will have to battle a bit in the first half, but the rested offense will open it up a bit in the team’s best performance so far."

All five Big Ten contributors picked Wisconsin to win. A score of 33-7 is listed (not sure if that was group agreed upon). "Bowling Green won’t be able to sneak up on a well-rested Badgers team at Camp Randall Stadium."

The Oklahoman’s Barry Tremel: Wisconsin 51, Bowling Green 21. "Don’t expect Bowling Green to shock Wisconsin the way it did Indiana. The Badgers are a little on the serious side."

All seven analysts at pick Wisconsin to win.

Only one of the five analysts at LindySports is picking Wisconsin to win (Lindy Davis) . . . of course using a 26.5-point spread as its base.

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