Baby with broken collarbone named after Aaron Rodgers

A few hours before the Packers kicked off against the New York Giants

in East Rutherford, N.J., on Sunday, Aaron Rodger was nearly a thousand miles

away, in a Green Bay hospital with a broken left collarbone, crying like a


That’s because he is a baby, little Aaron Rodger Dryer, born

Sunday at 12:20 p.m. to Packer-fan parents and named for the star quarterback

currently nursing the same injury. And at 8 pounds, he’s got prototypical-baby

size to one day be a future football player, too.

According to a Green Bay Press Gazette story, little Aaron

was born a couple of weeks early, and his parents hadn’t decided on a name. But

when it was revealed that he had a break in his left collarbone, which is

the exact injury that has kept the Packers’ Rodgers on the sidelines since Nov. 4, dad

Kyle Dryer was inspired and offered the suggestion.

But would Mom approve of such a charmingly cheeseheaded


“I said, ‘That’s not a bad name,’ ” remembered

mother Kristal Tyczkowski, little Aaron’s mother. “That’s when we


And thus a namesake (although without Rodgers’ ‘s’, as

the parents felt Rodger sounded better as a middle name), along with a baby, was born. By Tuesday, the

family, which includes 4-year-old Madysen and 11-month-old Carl, had returned

to its Green Bay home.

Broken collarbones are common among newborns, according to

the doctor that delivered little Aaron, and they usually heal quickly. The

Packers, along with fans like Kyle Dryer and Kristal Tyczkowski, are hoping

Rodgers’ injury does likewise.

Since Rodgers got hurt on the first drive against Chicago in

Week 9, Green Bay has lost three games in a row and fallen out of first place

in the NFC North. Poor quarterback play from the now-cut Seneca Wallace and

practice-squad-player-turned-starter Scott Tolzien, a former University of

Wisconsin star, has plagued the Packers, along with struggles on defense.

Rodgers has not been officially ruled out of Sunday’s game

against the Minnesota Vikings, though coach Mike McCarthy has already announced Tolzien

will make his second straight start. Initially, it was announced Rodgers would

miss three to six weeks with the collarbone injury; as of Wednesday, he’s been

out 16 days.

No word yet on what the unwittingly eponymous quarterback

thought of his newborn namesake or their green-and-gold-mad parents. But it’s a

good bet that Rodgers, who’s very active in local Wisconsin communities, will

be paying a visit to the family.

Who knows, maybe he can even give little Aaron some

quarterbacking tips. The kid could use them because, as Kyle Dryer said,

“He’ll be taking snaps.”