Aaron Rodgers makes debut as fashion designer

Aaron Rodgers seems to have his hands quite full. When he’s

not busy trying to evade 300-pound monsters aiming for his head, he’s flying

grill class with some super fans or making gourmet hamburgers.

Add fashion designer to the list.

The Packers quarterback has partnered with Target to design an exclusive

collection of men’s and women’s shirts for gameday, or any day really in


The first shirt features a play on the popular TV show Game of Thrones with a

Winter is Coming slogan that has been popularized in memes across the Internet.

We’ll give this a 7 for design and concept as not much ingenuity was


The other men’s shirt sticks with the wintry theme and states “Real Men

Play in the Cold.” This has a definite ’70s theme to it but doesn’t really

pop out at you. 5 it is.

For the lady fans, and boy does he have his fair share, Rodgers has applied a

clever take on his name for an “Aaron it out” slogan. They have added

some pilots wings to Aaron’s name to keep with the aviation theme that works

fairly well. An 8 seems fair. (And don’t worry guys. If you love puns, this

shirt is available for men as well.)

 The final women’s shirt is a generic slogan of “Green

and Gold Swag” running across the bottom. Simple and most visually

appealing. However, points will be deducted as other shirts in the Target line

created by other players have a similar theme, just with changing colors. We’ll

call it a 6.

All in all Rodgers’ line is the most bland. When it comes to sales though,

there is no doubt the green and gold faithful will put it at the top of the