WhatIfSports 2014 NFL Week 9 Predictions

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Game of the Week: Broncos at Patriots

Unlike its counterparts in the American sports landscape, football promotes itself in a team-oriented fashion. Despite this framing, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have risen above the fray, with their rivalry doubling as one of the most celebrated bouts in all of athletics. Ring the bell for Round 16, as the two renew their tug-of-war in Foxborough on Sunday.

Historically, Manning has been on the business end of these meetings. The five-time MVP has won just five of the previous 15 encounters, including one of the past five regular-season meetings. Yet it’s Manning who emerged on top the last time these two met, tossing for 400 yards and two scores to lead the Broncos over the Patriots in the playoffs last January.

The Denver quarterback has made headlines this fall for his career achievements, yet it’s this spotlight that has somewhat overshadowed his 2014 contributions. A year after tossing a league-record 55 touchdowns, Manning is actually having a better campaign this season, flaunting 22 scores versus just three picks through seven contests. Alas, for Manning and the 6-1 Broncos, this has garnered a shoulder-shrug. Following the Super Bowl beat down, and coupled with Manning’s, ahem, "suspect" playoff history, it’s Big Game or bust for this Denver club. Anything short will be considered a failure.

Brady knows all too well of these ambitions. This almost seems unfathomable, but it’s been 10 years since the Pats held high the Lombardi Trophy. Brady owns an impressive 106-31 record during this span, including two Super Bowl appearances. Yet Father Time waits for no man, and at age 37, Brady might not have much sand left in the hour glass.

Of course, this is far from the first time Brady has been against the odds. It was only a month ago, following a fourth-quarter benching amidst a Monday night blowout, that some wondered if Brady was washed-up and that his reign as signal caller in New England was nearing an end. Since that debacle in Arrowhead, Brady has answered these critics, and answered with vigor, racking up 14 touchdowns in a four-game winning streak. Entering Week 8, Brady owns 18 scores on the year with only two picks. Not bad for a washed-up arm.

So which Hall of Famer emerges victorious in their latest clash? According to the award-winning WhatIfSports.com NFL simulation engine, the Broncos come out on top 63.3 percent of the time by an average margin of 26-21. For the rest of this week’s predictions and projections, check below:

NFL Week 9 Predictions
Matchup Win % Avg. Score  
Oakland Raiders 18.8 18 Boxscore
Seattle Seahawks 81.2 28 Simulate Game
St. Louis Rams 21.0 19 Boxscore
San Francisco 49ers 79.0 29 Simulate Game
Jacksonville Jaguars 29.0 17 Boxscore
Cincinnati Bengals 71.0 25 Simulate Game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30.6 20 Boxscore
Cleveland Browns 69.4 26 Simulate Game
Baltimore Ravens 31.6 21 Boxscore
Pittsburgh Steelers 68.4 27 Simulate Game
New York Jets 31.9 19 Boxscore
Kansas City Chiefs 68.1 25 Simulate Game
New Orleans Saints 51.0 25 Boxscore
@ Carolina Panthers 49.0 24 Simulate Game
San Diego Chargers 55.6 24 Boxscore
@ Miami Dolphins 44.4 23 Simulate Game
Arizona Cardinals 57.6 26 Boxscore
@ Dallas Cowboys 42.4 23 Simulate Game
Washington Redskins 58.4 23 Boxscore
@ Minnesota Vikings 41.6 20 Simulate Game
Denver Broncos 63.3 26 Boxscore
@ New England Patriots 36.7 21 Simulate Game
Philadelphia Eagles 64.6 24 Boxscore
@ Houston Texans 35.4 19 Simulate Game
Indianapolis Colts 68.5 24 Boxscore
@ New York Giants 31.5 19 Simulate Game

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