WhatIfSports 2014 NFL Week 3 Predictions

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Game of the Week: 49ers at Cardinals

Most foresaw the NFC West as a two-team race in 2014 between the reigning Super Bowl championSeattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, they of 36 regular-season wins in the past three years. While this ultimately may be the case, the onset of the NFL campaign sees the Arizona Cardinals atop the division. With an impressive opener against the Chargers and notching a road W versus the Giants, the Cards look to keep the good fortune going in Week 3 against the Niners. This desert storm serves as our WhatIfSports.com Game of the Week.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised at the Cardinals’ 2-0 start. After all, this was a club that racked up 10 wins last fall and flaunted one of the conference’s best defenses. Alas, this same resistance took a hit with All-Pro linebacker Daryl Washington’s year-long suspension. Worse, the unit also lost the services of Pro Bowler Darnell Dockett, and after suffering a concussion in Week 1, John Abraham left the team. On paper, the defense looked to be more bark than bite.

Yet through the first two games, the Cards have surrendered just 31 points. Veteran Larry Foote has proved he still has gas left in the tank at age 34, leading the team with 16 tackles (three for losses) and snagging an interception. Moreover, Arizona still boasts one of the best defensive playmakers in Patrick Peterson. Though they lack household names, the Cardinals’ D will prove to be a nightmare for opponents all season long.

However, it’s not all sunshine in Phoenix. Star back Andre Ellington is hobbled with foot pain, and starting arm Carson Palmer missed Week 2 action with a nerve issue in his shoulder. With an upcoming Bye in Week 4, Palmer will likely miss this week’s contest, putting extra emphasis on Drew Stanton. To his credit, Stanton wasn’t horrible in relief, but he was far from solid against a so-so Giants defense. For Bruce Arians and company to stay relevant, Stanton will need to elevate his game to an echelon that he may be unable to reach.

A rendezvous with a backup quarterback is just what the doctored ordered for the Niners, who limp into Arizona after losing their stadium’s home opener to the Bears. San Francisco turned in a forgettable performance on Sunday night, giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter and committing 16 penalties on the day. Coupled with a shaky second-half display in Week 1 against the Cowboys, the merit of the 49ers is suddenly in doubt.

These mumblings can be subsided with a sound effort from Colin Kaepernick. The spotlight’s on the San Fran signal caller after getting a team-friendly contract extension this offseason, and so far, Kaepernick has not lived up to expectations with four turnovers to three scores. A concerted effort was made by the franchise to surround Kaepernick with weapons, evidenced in the draft selection of Carlos Hyde and acquisitions of Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd. If Kaepernick fails to make strides in 2014, don’t be surprised if the Niners start looking for a replacement.

So who emerges victorious in this Week 3 battle? According to the award-winning WhatIfSports.com NFL simulation engine, the 49ers come out on top 58.6 percent of the time by an average margin of 22-19. For the rest of this week’s projections and predictions, check below:

NFL Week 3 Predictions
Matchup Win % Avg. Score  
Oakland Raiders 13.1 14 Boxscore
New England Patriots 86.9 29 Simulate Game
Washington Redskins 34.0 21 Boxscore
Philadelphia Eagles 66.0 27 Simulate Game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34.2 22 Boxscore
Atlanta Falcons 65.8 27 Simulate Game
Tennessee Titans 35.8 18 Boxscore
Cincinnati Bengals 64.2 22 Simulate Game
Minnesota Vikings 36.3 22 Boxscore
New Orleans Saints 63.7 27 Simulate Game
Pittsburgh Steelers 38.1 21 Boxscore
Carolina Panthers 61.9 24 Simulate Game
San Diego Chargers 43.2 23 Boxscore
Buffalo Bills 56.8 25 Simulate Game
Kansas City Chiefs 49.2 20 Boxscore
Miami Dolphins 50.8 21 Simulate Game
Denver Broncos 49.8 22 Boxscore
Seattle Seahawks 50.2 23 Simulate Game
San Francisco 49ers 58.6 22 Boxscore
@ Arizona Cardinals 41.4 19 Simulate Game
Chicago Bears 58.8 21 Boxscore
@ New York Jets 41.2 18 Simulate Game
Baltimore Ravens 59.1 22 Boxscore
@ Cleveland Browns 40.9 18 Simulate Game
Houston Texans 63.6 24 Boxscore
@ New York Giants 36.4 19 Simulate Game
Green Bay Packers 71.6 29 Boxscore
@ Detroit Lions 28.4 21 Simulate Game
Dallas Cowboys 73.1 28 Boxscore
@ St. Louis Rams 26.9 20 Simulate Game
Indianapolis Colts 83.5 28 Boxscore
@ Jacksonville Jaguars 16.5 15 Simulate Game

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