All-Time Boston Red Sox League: All-Star Break

Checking in at the halfway point with a league made up entirely of Red Sox players.

With 81 games in the books, the 20-team league of all Red Sox players has officially reached the All-Star break. Teams in the National League are beginning to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, while the AL remains tightly-contested with no team out of the playoff hunt. Check out the league standings at the break:

National League Standings
East  W-L  PCT GB Home Away Owner
All Red Sox 45-36 0.556 31-17 14-19 Poddy
Southie 43-38 0.531 2 24-24 19-14 666ace
Curse of the who? 43-38 0.531 2 22-26 21-12 bottomlee
Boston without Ted 39-42 0.481 6 19-29 20-13 danidon
Boston Billy Clubs 32-49 0.395 13 19-29 13-20 jeburnett
West  W-L  PCT GB Home Away Owner
Dirty Water 50-31 0.617 32-16 18-15 jongdavis
Sweet Carolines 46-35 0.568 4 24-24 22-11 toysboys
Slow Sox 41-40 0.506 9 23-25 18-15 troonboy
Chicopee Comp Colts 30-51 0.37 20 19-29  11 – 22 hoopcoach07
The Monsters of Fenway 28-53 0.346 22 13-35 15-18 admin
American League Standings
East  W-L  PCT GB Home Away Owner
Boston Red Foxx 43-38 0.531 15-18 28-20 jfranco77
Baseball’s Greatest Fans 43-38 0.531 18-15 25-23 contrarian23
MH On Huntington Ave II 43-38 0.531 15-18 28-20 ozomatli
Big Papi is a Legend 42-39 0.519 1 18-15 24-24 jmissirlis
Vote for Pedro 40-41 0.494 3 17-16 23-25 slainte
West  W-L  PCT GB Home Away Owner
Impossible Dreamers 43-38 0.531 20-13 23-25 steve9955
BLOOD SOX (BtT) 42-39 0.519 1 17-16 25-23 duece_duece
2 Dicks and a Burgmeier 40-41 0.494 3 19-14 21-27 simisox
Fenway Faithful Favorites 39-42 0.481 4 16-17 23-25 SAKABAKBRG
OZ 38-43 0.469 5 15-18 23-25 leeelci

Note: The National League is in name only. Both the AL and NL deploy a DH.

The best record in either league at 50-31 belongs to jongdavis and his Dirty Water squad, which is four games ahead of the Sweet Carolines in the NL West. The Sweet Carolines and owner toysboys actually have the second-best record in either league. Poddy and the All Red Sox are currently in the driver’s seat in the NL East, owning a two-game lead over Southie (666ace) and Curse of the who? (bottomlee).

In the American League, five games separate the best teams from the worst. It’s three-way tie atop the AL East as the Boston Red Foxx (jfranco77), Baseball’s Greatest Fans (contrarian23) and MH on Huntington Ave II (ozomatli) all have matching 43-38 records. The Impossible Dreamers (steve9955) claim sole possession of first place in the AL West, but have just a one-game lead over the BLOOD SOX (BtT) and owner duece_duece.

Every team has representation on the All-Star rosters. The Sweet Carolines lead the way in the NL with seven All-Stars, followed by Southie with five and the All Red Sox with four. The Slow Sox (1942 Ted Williams) and the Monsters of Fenway (2000 Nomar Garciaparra) have one representative each. The AL roster is stocked with eight players from 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier and five members of Vote for Pedro (a team that ironically does not include Pedro Martinez). Bringing up the rear in the NL with one participant each is the Boston Red Foxx (1940 Jimmie Foxx) and the Impossible Dreamers (1903 Cy Young). Check out the full rosters:

Some of the league owners shared their thoughts on the first half of the league and predicted how the second half will play out:

Pos Name Team ERA/WHIP/OAV
SP ’00 Pedro Martinez Dirty Water 3.15/1.02/.229
SP ’04 Cy Young Boston without Ted 4.47/1.44/.307
SP ’02 Cy Young Southie 4.83/1.59/.320
SP ’39 Lefty Grove Sweet Carolines 3.56/1.62/.286
SP ’99 Pedro Martinez Sweet Carolines 3.94/1.43/.272
SP ’08 Cy Young All Red Sox 4.07/1.47/.300
SP ’09 Eddie Cicotte All Red Sox 3.00/1.62/.270
RP ’06 Jonathan Papelbon Dirty Water 2.01/1.16/.239
RP ’13 Koji Uehara Sweet Carolines 3.38/1.30/.246
RP ’14 Fritz Coumbe All Red Sox 3.69/1.74/.294
RP ’47 Johnny Murphy Sweet Carolines 2.42/1.54/.222
RP ’02 Alan Embree Southie 2.70/1.17/.202
RP ’80 Tom Burgmeier Curse of the who? 2.59/1.11/.205
Pos Name Team AVG/OBP/SLG
C ’77 Carlton Fisk Boston Billy Clubs .302/.399/.371
C ’78 Carlton Fisk Sweet Carolines .271/.354/.393
1B ’39 Jimmie Foxx All Red Sox .359/.447/.655
1B ’38 Jimmie Foxx Boston Billy Clubs .359/.451/.575
2B ’46 Bobby Doerr Sweet Carolines .303/.353/.479
2B ’42 Bobby Doerr Curse of the who? .306/.358/.444
3B ’83 Wade Boggs Curse of the who? .366/.435/.479
3B ’07 Mike Lowell Chicopee Comp Colts .364/.407/.507
SS ’00 Nomar Garciaparra The Monsters of Fenway .402/.445/.559
SS ’98 Nomar Garciaparra Chicopee Comp Colts .338/.374/.528
LF ’42 Ted Williams Slow Sox .389/.507/.758
LF ’47 Ted Williams Chicopee Comp Colts .385/.504/.593
CF ’50 Dom Dimaggio Southie .340/.407/.438
CF ’14 Tris Speaker Boston without Ted .327/.399/.480
RF ’67 Carl Yastrzemski Sweet Carolines .330/.411/.590
RF ’48 Ted Williams Southie .378/.458/.511
DH ’02 Manny Ramirez Southie .388/.446/.558

Takeaways and predictions from ozomatli:

Pos Name Team ERA/WHIP/OAV
SP ’17 Babe Ruth Baseballs Greatest Fans 3.62/1.48/.262
SP ’05 Cy Young MH On Huntington Ave II 3.51/1.28/.274
SP ’17 Carl Mays 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier 4.07/1.50/.278
SP ’01 George Winter Vote for Pedro 3.51/1.56/.279
SP ’18 Carl Mays Baseballs Greatest Fans 4.09/1.60/.289
SP ’03 Cy Young Impossible Dreamers 4.13/1.49/.300
SP ’12 Joe Wood 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier 4.80/1.55/.286
RP ’04 Keith Foulke 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier 3.38/1.25/.233
RP ’63 Dick Radatz Fenway Faithful Favorites 6.00/1.57/.254
RP ’07 Jonathan Papelbon Big Papi is a Legend 1.75/1.32/.232
RP ’01 Pedro Martinez Baseballs Greatest Fans 1.96/0.96/.177
RP ’11 Jonathan Papelbon BLOOD SOX (BtT) 6.91/1.78/.349
RP ’11 Daniel Bard BLOOD SOX (BtT) 3.69/1.33/.218
Pos Name Team AVG/OBP/SLG
C ’72 Carlton Fisk OZ .319/.384/.531
C ’40 Jimmie Foxx Boston Red Foxx .281/.373/.438
1B ’04 David Ortiz 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier .378/.454/.579
1B ’23 George Burns Vote for Pedro .321/.384/.439
2B ’44 Bobby Doerr Big Papi is a Legend .345/.401/.577
2B ’49 Bobby Doerr 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier .294/.352/.463
3B ’08 Kevin Youkilis 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier .328/.420/.507
3B ’01 Jimmy Collins Vote for Pedro .324/.368/.461
SS ’69 Rico Petrocelli 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier .288/.366/.531
SS ’95 John Valentin OZ .315/.397/.434
LF ’46 Ted Williams Vote for Pedro .381/.505/.657
LF ’57 Ted Williams OZ .457/.560/.657
CF ’12 Tris Speaker Vote for Pedro .376/.443/.540
CF ’13 Tris Speaker MH On Huntington Ave II .320/.389/.461
RF ’78 Jim Rice Fenway Faithful Favorites .336/.389/.538
RF ’69 Reggie Smith MH On Huntington Ave II .332/.382/.491
DH ’56 Ted Williams 2 Dicks and a Burgmeier .405/.509/.573

Observation: The league is clearly weighted towards hitters. The Red Sox have a stronger history with hitting than pitching, and it’s evident so far. The average league ERA is very high. This is likely exacerbated by a high percentage of the top hitters being left handed and a low percentage of the top pitchers being left handed. Lefty hitters are cleaning up while righty pitchers are mainly struggling outside of the elites. As predicted, teams that focused on stopping HRs and XBHs are also seeing success due to the limited ballpark choices.

Prediction: The first half has been very surprising but I’m not expecting much to change the rest of the way. The entire AL is within 4 or 5 games of each other, so one surprise may be who makes the playoffs, as it may come down to the very last day.

Takeaways and predictions from toysboys:

High-scoring league. LHP rule. With the exception of guys named Pedro Martinez or Lefty Grove, deadball pitchers dominate the league. 5 of the top 6 OPS belong to Ted Williams.

As for my team, my 5th starter, Lefty Grove, leads my team in wins, IP, ERA and is ranked 3rd overall in the league in ERA. My #4 pitcher, Curt Schilling, is a complete disaster with and 8.17 ERA with an opponents’ slash line of .357/.373/.621. My best pick of Koji Uehara is only doing OK and my sleeper pick of Dick Radatz has been horrible with a 2.06 Whip and 6.94 ERA. Turns out my "worst pick" in Leo Kiely is not so bad with a 2.76 ERA. Overall, my team is ranked 5th in ERA with 5.21. Which is surprising since I don’t have any deadball pitchers.

I said my offense would be average and I was right. League average OPS is .828 and my team is at .825. Yaz is normalizing well and is currently at 5th place in the NL MVP voting, the only one not named "Ted Williams." My opening day leadoff hitter, Tris Speaker, has been demoted to the 9th spot in the order due to his team-low .326 OBP despite his real-life .404 OBP.

Overall, I have the 2nd-best record in the league, which sounds great except that I’m in the same division as the best team in the league. Oh well, I’m currently 4 games out and we’re only halfway through.

Takeaways and predictions from contrarian23:

My prediction has been pretty much spot on. We lead the league in fewest runs allowed. We are 18th in runs scored.

The entire AL is insanely competitive, with 4 games separating the entire league as of this writing. It’s up for grabs in the second half.

Takeaways and predictions from jongdavis:

So far everything has gone very well for my team, although not exactly according to plan. My second and third best starters have been Ray Collins (10-1, 4.03) who was probably about a 17th or 18th round pick and Tom Hughes (105 solid innings) who was my 25th round pick, while Joe Wood (7th round) and Cy Young (probably around 10th round) have really struggled. My bullpen has also been outstanding with Papelbon (14-14) and Williamson a combined 17 of 17 in save attempts. Don’t expect to play .630 ball in the second half, but my strong start should keep me in the race the whole way.

Takeaways and predictions from jfranco77:

I knew there would be a lot of offense in this league, but the amount of wear and tear being inflicted on pitchers is staggering. The league average is currently 145 pitches per game. Anybody who is short on innings is definitely feeling the pain. My prediction is related – we’re going to see some pitching staffs fall apart in the second half.

Takeaways and predictions from bottomlee:

2nd in the league in Runs and OBP, 1st in HR, BB, SLG, and OPS, and a middling pitching staff is right about what I was expecting after drafting. Our fielding has been helping the cause out as well.

Sim curse be-damned, 1990 Jeff Reardon is our surprise player so far…15 out of 19 for saves, is one of the best ratios in the league. Knowing that you are gonna win a game with a lead in the 9th, especially in the world that we play in, is quite helpful.

Takeaway – The league HR count is lower than what I would think. Even with some of the deadballers floating around, I thought the Sox hitters would overcome that a bit more.

Prediction – Ted Williams sweeps the MVP race in both leagues. Not just the MVP, but all 5 of the top finishers. In both leagues.

Takeaways and predictions from simisox:

First half takeaway – despite leading both leagues with 8 all-stars, my team is 1 game under .500 at the break, primarily due to a very shaky bullpen in front of closer Keith Foulke. Among the culprits, Dick Drago’s 6.64 ERA, Dick Radatz’s 7.16, Tom Burgmeier’s 7.66 and Ray Collins’ 10.06, has caused my team to perform much worse than their .548 expected winning percentage.

Second half prediction – AS SPs Joe Wood and Carl Mays need offseason arm surgeries due to overuse and the manager loses all faith in the pen.

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