Winston the Norfolk Terrier wins the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Terrier Group

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Winston the Norfolk Terrier wins the 2018 Terrier Group

MICHAEL J. LAFAVE: The exact origin of the Norfolk terrier is unclear, but it is certainly British in its style. In the United States, both the prick-ear and drop-ear terriers were called Norwich terriers until 1979, when they were designated two separate breeds.

This little drop-eared dog is a Norfolk, a working terrier used both as a ratter, and with foxhounds too bolt the fox. This is Norfolk terrier, number seven.

JASON HOKE: So we have the Norfolk and the Norwich, and the easiest way to tell them apart is if you remember the saying, a witch's hat. The Norwich has a-- wears a witch's hat because that's how their ears are shaped. This is the Norfolk, which has the drop-ear.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: This is Winston, actually, being shown by Ernesto Lara.

CHRIS MYERS: That is a cute dog.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Very cute. Of course Ernesto has won Best in Show in this ring before, with Banana Joe, the Affenpinscher. And, of course, we all know him very well in the sport. Ernesto worked for Peter Green for many, many years. His--

JASON HOKE: And this dog actually won Montgomery County.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Another top terrier.

CHRIS MYERS: Remember, this is the dominant group. 46 Best in Show wins came from dogs in this group-- a Wire Fox Terrier, Sky, the most recent.

JASON HOKE: And you can see why. They have a commanding presence in the ring, you know. They never let down.

- Ma'am, step out, please.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Louis, the Amstaff.

- Sue the Cairn. You. You.

JASON HOKE: Sue the Cairn--


JASON HOKE: Smooth fox terrier, and the wire fox terrier.

- Norfolk.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Gabriel Rangel, handling the wire fox.

JASON HOKE: With a Lakeland, also.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Winston, the Norfolk.

- Welsh. Westie.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Khaleesi, the Welsh, and Rebecca Cross with the West Highland White Terrier, have made the cut.

- Let's take it around, please.


JASON HOKE: One last look.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: There's a lot of confidence in that ring.

JASON HOKE: They're always looking around, the terriers.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Always confident, and ready to go.

JASON HOKE: Last one, the Westie, and then we're back to the Lakeland. She's going to make her final decision, now.

- Sir, bring the Norfolk up.


CHRIS MYERS: All right, there we go.


CHRIS MYERS: I-- I think Winston's just too cute to pass up.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: American Staffordshire is in second place.

- 2018 Westminster Terrier Group Winner. Congratulations.

- Thank you very much.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: Ernesto Lara with Winston, the Norfolk terrier, wins.

CHRIS MYERS: Winston wins it.

JASON HOKE: Playing on the success of all the Winston Churchill movies that have been out lately.

CHRIS MYERS: Not-- not a dark hour here, a happy hour.

JASON HOKE: No, not at all.

CHRIS MYERS: Winston gets into the final seven, and has a chance to win Best in Show.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: And Ernesto Lara, of course, has won Best in Show at Westminster before. So he has a little edge, there, right? He's already been in the Best in Show--

JASON HOKE: He's experienced that, it can be a daunting experience.


JASON HOKE: That's for sure.

CHRIS MYERS: Originally from Mexico City, and Winston, who just caught your eye from the start.

JASON HOKE: And you can see him just looking at every little thing. They are always on the hunt.

GAIL MILLER BISCHER: American Staffordshire was second, Lakeland was third, and Westie was fourth. West Highland White Terrier.

CHRIS MYERS: The James Mortimer Memorial Cup awaits for Best in Show, we finished our last group, and Karen is standing by with the winner.

- Yes, thank you so much. Congratulations to you. What do you think it was about him tonight that swayed the judge?

- Winston had an idea of what he was going to do, and I just follow, so I guess everybody did.

- OK, so you've been here before. You actually won Best in Show, before, as a handler. What will you do now to ready yourself to try to repeat that?

- Well, just stay collected, make sure he's still happy, and with hope for the best.

- All right, well, congratulations to you. And we will see you in just a few moments.