2018 Westminster Kennel Club Junior Showmanship

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2018 Westminster Kennel Club Junior Showmanship

REPORTER: The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is really for people of all ages, and a lot of times it starts at a young age. So just before group judging began tonight, handlers between the ages of 9 and 18 competed in the Junior Showmanship Finals.

This competition isn't judged on the dog. It's based on the young handler's ability to bring out the traits of the dog. These youngsters got here by winning at least seven AKC licensed or member shows.

Here are the top four finishers. And congratulations to Lily Mancini-- she showed an English Springer Spaniel. And each finalist will receive scholarship money, and Lily will receive the top prize of $10,000.

All right, when we come back, we will see our final group before we get to Best in Show. It's terrier time, coming up next.