Bean the Sussex Spaniel wins the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Sporting Group

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Bean the Sussex Spaniel wins the Sporting Group

MIKE: Sussex spaniel gets his name from the county of Sussex in England, where it almost certainly originated as one of the oldest distinct spaniel breeds. The dog is a slow, close working gun dog, that is especially valuable in heavy brush. The Sussex's cheerful and affectionate nature is demonstrated by his almost constant wagging tail. This is Sussex spaniel, number 11.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Of course, we all remember Stump, who is a Sussex spaniel, that won best in show. But here we have Bean. Bean is the number one Sussex this year and won his national specialty. He will a crowd favorite, I'm sure.

JASON HOKE: But Mike brought up a great point, this is a heavy brush Spaniel and you can see why. It has a heavy massive body with a long, low build, it's able to push in through that low brush that's so thick and dense.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: That's right, so exactly, he was built-- oh, oh my goodness. Oh boy.

CHRIS MYERS: It's the pose of the night.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: He's working it, he's working it.

JASON HOKE: You know, sometimes we ask him to stop foursquare, and sometimes we ask him to sit up and beg.

CHRIS MYERS: Did he do that on his own, or did he see the bait, the doggy treat?

JASON HOKE: This breed loves to do that.

CHRIS MYERS: Crowd loves it.


JASON HOKE: That's great.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: We have a favorite.

CHRIS MYERS: A show-stopper.

Elizabeth Sweigart, who has been watching with all of us, and each time, assessing her judgment.

JASON HOKE: Yeah, Beth's got a great eye, so she's going to do a wonderful job in this group. It's a daunting task with all the different types in here.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: It's such a large-- I mean, a lot of, you know, big numbers here in this group, but--

JASON HOKE: She's ready to make her cut.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: She pulled out the Brittany, with Diego Garcia.


JASON HOKE: And we got the golden out, we have a chance. We have a chance.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Oh boy. Labrador retriever.

JASON HOKE: And her breed, the Labrador.



CHRIS MYERS: The dogs responding to the signal.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Striker, the Cocker.


CHRIS MYERS: Striker with a national ranking, as you mentioned.


JASON HOKE: And here's our crowd favorite, Bean.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Here's Bean, the Sussex.


JASON HOKE: Spinone.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Spinone, very nice.


JASON HOKE: And a wire-haired pointing Griffon.

CHRIS MYERS: From 32 down to 8.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Pushes everyone back, take another look.

CHRIS MYERS: Remember, the winner here joins the four winners from the groups last night.

- OK, around, please.


JASON HOKE: And this is their last chance to impress the judge.


GAIL MILLER BISHER: The crowd starts to yell out breed names, their favorites.


The Sussex spaniel has been pulled out first.

JASON HOKE: That's going to bring the house down for sure.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Cocker spaniel, Clumber spaniel, and the wire-haired pointing Griffon. Now she'll take them around one more time, I think. Oh--

- The Sussex spaniel is first.

CHRIS MYERS: And there's your winner. The Sussex spaniel takes the Sporting Group.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Bean has taken the Sporting Group. Champion commands full of beans at [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS MYERS: Jason, I know you pointed it out early, but Striker came in as one of those dogs that we thought might take this category.

JASON HOKE: Sure, if you go on rankings, the dog was the top ranked sporting dog in the country, but you know, as we said, it's on the day and today the judge chose another dog.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: And of course, second at Westminster is nothing--

JASON HOKE: It's no insult.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: --to be disappointed about.

JASON HOKE: No, not at all, not at all.


I think this is-- this is what drew her in right here. Beautiful gait. Lovely expression.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: He's in great condition.


GAIL MILLER BISHER: He really is in fabulous condition.

JASON HOKE: Beautiful dog in motion.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: The tail never stops.

CHRIS MYERS: A shiny coat, and this pose--

JASON HOKE: That says it all, right there. Put me in the winner's circle. I think we might have a repeat when he gets up on the podium.

CHRIS MYERS: So now, our fifth group winner. Let's check in with Karyn.

KARYN BRYANT: Great, thanks so much. Congratulations to you. Do you think this pose is what did it for you tonight?

- Well, it's part of his charm, right?

- Absolutely. So, what does it mean to you to win the group tonight, here at Westminster?

- Well, everything.

KARYN BRYANT: Absolutely everything. So now, you have a few moments to prepare for best in show, what do you do between now and then?

- Oh, just try to get them to relax and get ready for the next one.

KARYN BRYANT: All right, well, congratulations to you. He's certainly already a fan favorite. Chris, Gail, back to you.

CHRIS MYERS: That move is going to become famous.

JASON HOKE: Absolutely.

CHRIS MYERS: If he makes it all the way. Jenny?