Watch Flick the Border Collie win the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Herding Group

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Watch Flick the Border Collie with the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Herding Group

MICHAEL LAFAVE: The product of Scotland and England, the border collie is the premier herding dog. Their ability to manipulate sheep is legendary, as is their prowess in obedience and agility. Although easily trained, they are so highly motivated to work that they are perfect for the farm, but not for the apartment dwelling unless provided with plenty of outside activity. This is border collie number 18.


GAIL MILLER BISHER: So this is Slick. Slick is a top winning-- the number one border collie, being handled by Jamie Clute. Interestingly, Jamie, of course, is a professional handler, but used to ride bulls. He was into bull riding before showing dogs.


JASON HOKE: He's another one. It's apprentice for him. Jimmy Moses, who we-- I think we all know, he actually apprenticed for him for years with German shepherds.


We're going to see him make his final cut here.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Mr. Vandiver taking another look.

CHRIS MYERS: German shepherds have the most herding group wins with 17.

JASON HOKE: Yeah, they've been a powerhouse when it was either the-- when it was the working group together, and now, alone with the herding group.


We have some young dogs here tonight, starting off their careers, and then some more mature dogs.

CHRIS MYERS: So it's the fourth and final group of tonight.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Mr. Vandiver, I think, is pulling out Jamie Clute with Slick the border collie. The Bouvier's pulled out. Briard, the cardigan Welsh corgi, rough collie. Old English, also. And the Pembroke Welsh corgi. Shetland sheepdog.


ROBERT VANDIVER: Move back a bit, please.

JASON HOKE: Now, in the herding group, this is going to be a true test of their function, right now, when he sees them walk. This is very important in this group.

ROBERT VANDIVER: Let's have around, please.

CHRIS MYERS: A little extra time there for him.

ROBERT VANDIVER: Come by together.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: This is his moment, making history.


Finally look at the herding selects.

CHRIS MYERS: Can the crowd influence the judge?

JASON HOKE: No. No, the judges, they're very independent. They do their own thing.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Once you're in the ring, you're in your own zone.


GAIL MILLER BISHER: You're not thinking about everything else going on around you. You're focusing on your job.

JASON HOKE: Just waiting for the end of the line to come around. He's got to make his final picks.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Oh, border collie's pulled out front.


That's Slick.


Cardigan Welsh corgi, Lubby. Of course, Elsa the old English sheepdog.

ROBERT VANDIVER: Come by together. Let's go.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: The fourth is the Sheltie, Shetland Sheepdog.

JASON HOKE: Been sent around one last time.

CHRIS MYERS: Look at the variety of size and shape.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Border collie, Champion Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor wins the herding group.


A bull rider is successful.




JASON HOKE: It's always a bumpy ride--

CHRIS MYERS: The border collie, Slick, rounding out the night, and in position for tomorrow night's 2018 crowning of best in show.

Recapping the winners, throughout the evening--

GAIL MILLER BISHER: We have the post show.

CHRIS MYERS: Borzois, Lucy the hound. The toy group winner, Biggie, the pug. The non-sporting winner Bichon Frise, Flynn. And Slick, the border collie.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: We stay. Oh, I didn't know [INAUDIBLE]. We're doing post show up here?


KARYN BRYANT: OK, here I am, of course, with our border collie. If we could speak for just a moment. Hi!


Congratulations. So this guy has quite a history here at Westminster. How many years has he done well?

JAMIE CLUTE: Three years.

KARYN BRYANT: So what does it mean to you to win the group? Because last year the border collie placed fourth.

JAMIE CLUTE: Yeah, he placed last year too, and the year before. He was fourth last year, and third the year before. So it means a lot.

He's the top winning dog in the history of the breed, so it means a lot to us, and every day he surprises. I mean, he's got great owners. He's a great dog. It's been a hell of a ride.

KARYN BRYANT: So what do you think you can do tonight to get him ready to win tomorrow, best in show?

JAMIE CLUTE: Same thing we do every time. Same-- no matter what show, how big, how small, we do the same stuff every day. So it's same process.

KARYN BRYANT: OK. Well, congratulations. Thanks for joining us.

Jenny, back to you.