Watch Biggie the Pug win the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Toy Group

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Watch Biggie the Pug win the 2018 Toy Group

- The Pug almost certainly originated in China, next appearing in Japan, and then Europe in the 16th century. He quickly became the darling of European nobility. Pugs combine cocky confidence with a friendly, sensitive, and sincere nature. They are especially good with children. This is pug number 15.

CHRIS MEYERS: Yeah, this is a heart-felt moment when you see Biggie coming out onto the floor knowing that his father was going to be here. And Biggie had to come in and replace him. But it's good, because the father produced this dog. So that's what the sport is about. So you produce a progeny that can go on and maybe is even better than the sire. So that's the important thing about this.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Esteban Farias is showing Biggie tonight. The champion, Hill Country's Puttin' on the Ritz and Hill Country's several top-winning Pugs. Pugs are a very ancient breed, but, again, they are a family favorite.

Easier to groom and take care of.

CHRIS MEYERS: You don't have to keep them in that condition. There's nothing wrong with clipping the dog's hair and having a good--

- Can I have the first two dogs step out right here, please?

GAIL MILLER BISHER: He's making his cut. We have [INAUDIBLE], Newton, Brussels Griffon.

DAVID KIRKLAND: Smooth Chihuahua.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: [INAUDIBLE] Erin Meyers coming out.

DAVID KIRKLAND: Manchester, Pekingese, Pug.

CHRIS MEYERS: He's making his cut right now.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Pug-- Biggie, made it.

CHRIS MEYERS: Cutting a few more. Yorkie.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Let's see, the Yorkie. Now he's going to send everyone else back. So they'll get a little room. And he'll be able to take one more look.

DAVID KIRKLAND: OK, let's push them back, take them around together, and come back to where you were.

- What's he looking for here, Jason, in particular?

JASON: Right now, he's going to look at how they hold themselves and represent their breed on the go around. Each of these dogs has a different silhouette. So he's looking at the silhouette as they move.

- The gait.

JASON: And the gate as well. So it's a function of type and movement as well.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: This is it. This is where Mr. Kirkland's going to take it all in and make a final decision. This historic moment placing the toy dogs, the 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

CHRIS MEYERS: One last look before he makes his selection.

DAVID KIRKLAND: Starting with the pug.


GAIL MILLER BISHER: Looks like Biggie's been pulled out. Of course, a crowd favorite, the Pug breed. Pekingese seems to be pulled out second. David Fitzpatrick gets [INAUDIBLE].

DAVID KIRKLAND: You can step up.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: And the Affenpinscher.

CHRIS MEYERS: The English toy.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: English toy, Paddington.

DAVID KIRKLAND: 2018 toy group winner is the Pug. Second, third, and fourth.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Biggie has won the toy group.

- Biggies comes up big in the toy group.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Being handle by Esteban Farias.

- The emotional family story continues.

JASON: Yes, absolutely. It's good to see the progeny doing well and representing the one that is gone and couldn't be here today.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: And, of course, Hill Country's kennels are, I'm sure, very proud of producing more quality dogs, bringing home those wonderful rosettes, but, best of all, being able to spend time with these wonderful dogs that they've produced.

CHRIS MEYERS: It's a great look at the Pug coming at you.

GAIL MILLER BISHER: Black velvety ears.

CHRIS MEYERS: He put on a great show tonight.

- You know, the Pug, you go back, among the first toy breeds to appear at Westminster were the Pug and the Italian Greyhound, going back to 1877, 1878. The records say this is the second oldest sporting event in the country behind the Kentucky Derby. Karen is with the winner of the toy group.

- Great, thanks so much. Congratulations. I have to wonder, was this sort of an extra emotional win for you tonight?

- Oh, my god. This is unbelievable. It's a dream come true. And I have a little friend who is looking for us up in the sky. And this is for him.

- Absolutely. You have such a warm-hearted dog. What should people at home know about Pugs? Why do they make such great pets?

- They are funny dogs. They are very nice with kids. I have three kids. And he plays all day long. And they sleep with you, and he snores. So if your wife complain, now have to complain for two.

- I don't think anybody is going to be complaining. Thank you so much. Congratulations again. And I agree with you. You've got someone looking over.

- Thank you very much.

- Thank you. Back to you, Jenny.

JENNY TAFT: Karen, thank you. Two groups down, two to go. The hounds started off strong, but we saw Biggies, the Pug, get the win. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show action continues on FS 1.