Watch Fame(US) win the 2018 Masters Agility Championship

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Fame(US) wins the 2018 Masters Agility Championship

ANNOUNCER: Our next dog up in the 20-inch class is Fame the border collie, handled by Jessica Ajoux of Sparta, New Jersey.

- Hang in there, Jessica.

COMMENTATOR 1: This is a second dog for Jessica Ajoux in this 20-inch class. She ran Bailey, a German shorthaired pointer. And now a high five here.

- Good job, Famous.

COMMENTATOR 1: Fame is ready to go.

COMMENTATOR 2: Now remember, we saw Shalala miss that yellow contact zone on that dog walk. All these dogs have to get some portion of a paw inside those yellow contact zones on the way out.

COMMENTATOR 1: Do you want a dog that's hyper like this or very calm before a race?

COMMENTATOR 2: No, I love the hyper, and every single one out here-- all these dogs, all these handlers-- love that energy. They want to see that energy, but, once again, they want to see the focus as soon as they say it's time, we're going to run.

- Stay.

COMMENTATOR 2: Nice and calm now. All that energy says we're ready to go, but focus first. Off we go! Here we go! Nice one! Go, go, go!

COMMENTATOR 1: You can hear the oohs and ahs here in the crowd.

COMMENTATOR 2: There's [INAUDIBLE] spin there again. Nice there, just-- look at those weave poles! Check her out, check her out, come one! She's fallen-- oh, a little wide, a little wide, going to cost some time, but I don't think it's going to matter right now.

COMMENTATOR 1: I don't think so either, not the way this dog is going.

COMMENTATOR 2: That was super nice.

COMMENTATOR 1: Fame is-- look at the big--

COMMENTATOR 2: There it is!

COMMENTATOR 1: Wow! Nothing but speed on that one! What a run!

COMMENTATOR 2: There we go! Woohoo!

COMMENTATOR 1: Just shattered the time set by Carly! Over 8.5 seconds faster!

COMMENTATOR 2: And look at-- like I said, do you want that focus? Now look at this-- once we got to focus, we're off and running. Just laser light into that correct side of the tunnel. Look at this finish right here. Make sure all four feet got in that yellow. We even took a little extra jump on the end there. And nothing but love-- look at this, look at this, energy, jumping in the arms-- they are true partners in this run.

- You are such a good girl.

COMMENTATOR 2: We are packed. Standing room only tonight.

- Did you have fun?

- I was awesome.

- Good, good, good. Congratulations, ma'am.

- Thank you so very much.

- That's really cool.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Jessica, Famous-- congratulations. Famous, I want just an ounce of your energy and speed. Do you ever have a problem keeping up with her?

- I never keep up with her. I just let her go and try to tell her where to go and stay out of her way.

- The key to success. All right, analyze this course for me. What's the most challenging part?

- For me and Fame, the most difficult part was between the seesaw, and then the A frame, because getting them to come in over that jump 13 when they're flying at that speed is difficult, and there's a lot of direction changes the dogs need to make, so that was difficult for us, but we got it, so I was very excited.

- You handled it beautifully. Now, has she ever run faster than tonight, or do you think this was the faster she's gone?

- Famous has one speed and that's about it. And I, just again, try to tell her where to go, and the stars aligned tonight, so it's fantastic.

- Congratulations. Enjoy it.

- Thank you so much.

- Congratulations to you.


ANNOUNCER: The overall winner of the Fifth Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and the recipient of the $10,000 check to donate to the AKC Agility Training Club of their choice or the AKC Humane Fund is Fame, US, the border collie handled by Jessica Ajoux of Sparta, New Jersey!

- Congratulations, Jessica.

COMMENTATOR 1: So Famous becomes the grand champion. What a run Famous had here tonight. Becomes famous tonight.