The best of the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Championship

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for a very important update: The Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Championship happened, and while only one dog can come out on top, many put on a performance for the ages.

It was seriously a treat, and we hope they got all the treats!

The Westminster Kennel Club features 204 breeds – nearly 3,000 dogs from 49 states and 19 countries enter. Everyone already knows about the Best in Show category, but there are a few others that are just as fun. And – of course – trophies can be won.

The Masters Agility Championship requires serious skill, conditioning, teamwork and training. This event is serious business.

Any breed of dog can enter, but the top performers include border collies, golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels and papillons.

Moses, an all-American dog, kicked off the action. He might have been the oldest dog of the night, but he sure didn’t look like it:

Carly had a run that was just absolutely golden:

We’re picking up speed with Australian Shepard Lili Ann:

She runs straight to victory! Say hello to the newest 20″ class champion:

Now, onto the 8″ class. Let’s go!

The papillon Fortune was nothing but focused on the field – just watch her patience:

She had some seriously good fortune today! Welcome your newest 8″ class winner:

Who’s ready for more?

His name might be Ferris Bueller, but he showed up today:

If there was a winner for fluffiest flopper, this doggo would surely win:

But looks aren’t everything…Lira had the speed needed to come out on top:

Don’t blink, Streak came in hot!

But the two-time defending champion could not be stopped – P!nk with the three-peat!

We cannot get enough slow motion content of Pre. Don’t you agree?

Darby AKA the “Girl on Fire” brought the heat with her run:

Pixel wasn’t perfect, but she got it done! The defending champion of 12″ class takes the title again:

We’re onto the last class of the night, starting with Ava the Irish Setter:

Punk brought his attitude today:

You’ve been PUNKED! He’s the newest winner of the 24″ class:

But the ultimate punk rock queen herself took the Grand Champion title. Yes, she’s a rock star, and she had her rock moves:

Congratulations to all the dogs on their stellar performances.

And remember, even if you had a ruff day, you still made it further than most:

We think you’re a champion, Lobo. Go get a treat!