RECAP: LA Kings 4, Red Wings 2 (10/7)

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Hear from coach John Stevens after the LA Kings victory over Detroit on Sunday.

- Thought he was terrific. I thought that, you know, they-- they got some really good movement in the zone. They're always looking for those lateral plays to the back side. And you know, I thought he really, really made some key saves at key times to kind of allow us to stabilize things a little bit. And it was a really, really solid performance coming in on short notice.

REPORTER: What did you think of the puck management that you were talking about this morning?

- Well, I think that's an area of argument that needs to continue to get better. I think, you know, if we just look at overall mindset for our hockey team, it's about managing the puck forward. Teams play so fast now, we're-- we're trying to play faster, and I just-- you know, I thought there were times we were better at it.

The one area of our game I'd really like to see us change our mindset is that we don't want to pass the puck into the net. I think when you have people going to the net, you can play pucks off the net because you know people are going there. You force your opponent to face your net. Just-- just thought we were guilty of hanging onto pucks too long when we could have put them towards the net. And I think that's only going to help us when we convince ourselves to do so.

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] two tonight. So he scored nine last year. How many do you think he could get [INAUDIBLE]?

- You know what? I wouldn't even want to put a number on it, to be honest with you. I think you started getting fixated on a number and then, you know, you stop focusing on the process. But we felt all along that he did a lot of good things last year. Didn't capitalize on some of his opportunities.

And you know, he's look like he's taken his game to another level in all areas. He got stronger, a little bit quicker, a lot more confident with the puck. I mean, I thought that last call was just a terrific catch and release.

Got to a spot, got it up in the net quickly, and you know, that's a really good, good thing to see. And he [INAUDIBLE] off a really good forward check by Kovi. So I wouldn't put a number on it. I'd just like him to continue to get better at the little things he does, put himself in situations where he gets scoring opportunities.

REPORTER: John, do you have a better sense of how long Quick might be out?

- I do not.

REPORTER: Anderson Dolan is 19 years old and he seems pretty unfazed by this-- by playing in the NHL at that age. Does it help you calm the team down that somebody that's been in the NHL now for one game has that sort of mentality that he's very easy-going with-- [INAUDIBLE] easy-going, but not unfazed?

- You know what? He's-- he's an interesting kid, to be honest with you. [INAUDIBLE] starting to find out more about him as he's here longer.

But he's a kid that's been very serious about being a hockey player for quite some time now even though he's young. I think he's trained and he's physically mature beyond his years and I think he's mentally mature beyond his years. I think he has a really solid family upbringing that's really supported him through that process, and I think it's great a lot of them are here tonight to see him play.

But he's-- you know, I would say he's a little bit of an outlier in that sense because he's so well-trained both mentally and physically that, you know, he's not fazed by being in that situation. If you asked him, he expects to be in that situation. I think he came to training camp not just waiting to see how the week went. I think he came here with intentions of trying to make the hockey team. And that's something you love in a young player.