LA Kings Live: The Best Of Patrick O’Neal & Sean O’Donnell

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LA Kings Live: The Best Of Patrick O'Neal & Sean O'Donnell

- Where the heck is Odie? Sean O'Donnell has moved on full-time, player development with the Los Angeles Kings, working closely with those d-men with the Ontario Rain, and we wish him the very best. Some have even asked, it must be you, Patrick, that caused Odie to leave TV. I want to say, no, go back 10 years ago when Sean O'Donnell was a member of the LA Kings. Look at that instant chemistry right there, just the way he's looking at me. You could tell that that was a match made for five years of television. Of course, we all wish Sean O'Donnell--


I told him I wouldn't do this. You know what we did? We compiled a Best of Sean O'Donnell, his five years on TV. Take a look.


- This is former King defenseman, Sean O'Donnell, he's gonna be with us all season long--

- Even with Auston Matthews' 4 goals in his first game--

- Really, because he was on pace for 400.


I know he was on pace--

- And you say that's not going to happen.

- No, he wasn't. What kind of math is that? Four goal times 80 is 400?

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Yeah.

- Sounds good.

- That was not you--

- No, that wasn't.

- --in front of the net?

- No, I thought it was at first, but I saw a visor and then I-- nope, no visor, so--

- No, you're too tough for--

- --somebody else.

- --too tough for a visor?

- Or stupid.

- Wish you were-- could've been there.

- I wish I could have. If you would have called me back, maybe I would've come along.

- Oh well.

- So what is your key for the Kings tonight?

- I think it's just determination. I think they have to go in there, desperation, determination, all the Ds.


They were fizzling but now they're sizzling.


You bring it all the way back around.

- Who corrected you? Someone in your ear?

- Yes.

- Well, good job, whoever that was.

- Do you wanna know the name of the director?

- --we know in the last six games they have been 1 and 5. I just think that after the Nashville, or excuse me, the Las Vegas game--


--going in there, I just think that it would-- what the-- [BLEEP] bus?


- Move!


- Yeah.

You notice anything, Odie? Too much?

- What? Oh, wow. Patrick O'Neal bobblehead night.


Yes, it is.

- --guy, they did not like him at all.

- Right.

- Fur-Furland? Is that his name?

- If you say so.

- Furland, I think--

- Yeah.

- It's supposed to be a show about hockey, Patrick.

- How did we keep this--

- It's supposed be a show about hockey.

- Make a wish, my man.

- Well, thank you.

- --John Scott!

- Are you comparing me to John Scott?

- John Scott is getting in there.

- Are you comparing me to John Scott?

- --a chance to get punched the face by Sean O'Donnell.

- That's right.

- That is worth the price of admission.

- Next time just say, move.

- So next time, say move.

- Yeah, I guess so. Should I try that with Carter?

- No.


- They always give LA some problems in Arizona, so-- or, wait. They always give LA problems here. Kings do OK in Arizona. Is that right?

- Yep, that is right.

- OK.

- And again, I'm just going to agree.

- OK, thank you.

- Write it down. Just Tweet it or Instagram it or something, and then hold me to that five years from now.

- What's your Twitter handle? I'll just-- I'll give you the ats.

- FriendOfPatrick.Tweet.


- I'm confused.

The best part of that is it's a still shot so you don't really get that that was the look for a good 10 or 15 seconds.

- This is truly one of the good guys right here--

- What does that make you?

- I'm the-- I'll play the bad guy.

You don't miss Odie.


- Thank you, Odie, for the green tie and the kerchief.

- No problem. O'Donnell, O'Neal--

- Yeah.

- It's quite a day.

- This guy. This guy. Do we get the same emails or something? Good hockey, good stuff--

- Darrell said, any good Irishman. Is there ever a bad Irishman?

I was wondering where you were going with this.

- Do you think there's anybody else in history that can say that? Played with Gretz and was coached by him?

- I'm gonna say no.



- Brett Hull.

- Oh.


- Sorry, bud.

Probably the lowest-scoring game you're gonna see but it'll be good.

- All right, good.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Good. Well, that'd be--

- That's it.

- The Kings are--

- Good night, everybody.

- The Kings are--