Top Plays of CIF-SS Week 7

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For the 1st time this season, a couple groups qualified for the Top Plays... Confused? You'll know why once you see

ANNOUNCER 1: Calabasas is going to go for it. Mason fumbles the ball, now he's going to throw, keep it in the end zone. Burton! He s got a touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] Mouradian will have to first down and a lot more. He's got great speed. And he is still on his feet and he's going to get into the end zone!

ANNOUNCER 3: With this team, it's very dangerous. But that's exactly what he's in right now. And onto the turn, coming around the edge, and picking up good yardage is Tyus Poyer. And Poyer still on his feet! And he's in for the touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 4: Sixth season thus far, and 5 and 1. Stovall having some problems. Loses the rock, and it looks like it'll be Bishop Amat falling on it!

ANNOUNCER 5: Runner on the right side again. And it is touchdown!