Lawndale coach Travis Clark can’t say enough about Jalon Daniels

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Travis Clark was named the Rams Coach of the Week following Lawndale's tight win over Culver City

- Coach, big win. You had some adversity early with Jordan getting hurt, but you were able to rally the offense behind Jalen and the boys. What did you learn about your team tonight?

- Oh, they were resilient. That Culver City team fought so hard. We both wanted-- the kids really wanted it. Little disappointed in our discipline tonight. I got a lot to talk to my team about, but I'm really proud of my quarterback, Jalen Daniels. He did a heck of a job. He had to become the runner. We got to get him better in the passing game, but he had a heck of a game. I thought our O-line played tremendous. They just helped us out when we needed it, and we got the stops when we needed it. So I'm just really excited about the victory, no question.

- What were you talking about with your coaching staff there in the fourth quarter? Where Culver City was making a run, and looking to tie, and maybe even take the lead if they had gone for two. If they had scored, what was going on on the sidelines?

- I just wanted my kids and my coaches to make sure that they kept the kids calm. It's not over, we've got the lead, we just got to relax. Play football, get some stops, get some first downs, and we're going to win this game. So I just wanted them to make sure the kids were relaxed and comfortable, and understood that, hey, we're ahead right now, let's play like it.

- Well, Coach, we hope Jordan can get healthy, especially as you dive really into league play. But Detective Watson carried the load tonight-- your quarterback-- and a big win. Congratulations. Go enjoy the victory, Coach. Thank you.

- Thank you. Thanks for coming out. We appreciate you guys. Excellent night.