Lawndale do-it-all-man Naki Fahina thrilled after win

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Naki Fahina never leaves the field for Lawndale, and that includes after the game as he shared some thoughts with Chris Rix following a tight win

- Have two catches, one for a touchdown, you have the block punt, and what really impressed me was chasing down the returner and saving a touchdown early in the game. How do you feel after a big win like this?

- I feel great right now. Because my teammates and my coaches, we put a lot of time in a week to get in our grind and our work, and showed on the football field today.

- Now you guys said some adversity, injuries offensively, and then even some other things during the game. What did you learn about your teammates coming back and really holding onto that lead late in the game when Culver City tried to make a comeback?

- I believe our team-- when they sent our players down, I think that motivated them more to be hungry in the trenches. So we just came out here, did our thing like everything was the same.

- Well, it was a four quarter fight. What do you take away from this game as you really dive into league play, now, and start looking towards the postseason?

- Got to work harder. Got to hit the weight room beyond the field, give it our all. Because this is the last season. It's the take season right here. It's the last ride.

- Naki, it was a pleasure watching you tonight. Offensively, defensively, special teams all over the field. Congratulations on the big win, and go enjoy it.

- Thank you, thank you.