Lawndale’s Jalon Daniels gives all credit to his teammates after big W

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Lawndale QB Jalon Smith showed up on one of the biggest stages of his career Friday, but after his performance he was only focused on his teammates

- Nearly 250 yards of total offense through the air, and especially on the ground. Three touchdowns. How did it feel tonight with a big win on TV?

- It feels great. Honestly, I want to thank all of my teammates, and I want to thank my defense for holding it down when we actually needed it.

- Well, and how about with your stud running back out of line up getting hurt early in the game, how you shouldered the load and what the rest of the boys did offensively?

JALON DANIELS: Jordan told me, when he got hurt, that this game, this meant a lot to him, and that he really wanted me to win this game for him. So shout out to Jordan Wilmore for giving me all of the-- the--


COMMENTATOR: The encouragement, the motivation.

- Yeah.

- Now talk about motivation. On that long touchdown run, I've got to ask you, as a quarterback, why did you slow up? You had him! Why did you slow up on that one, Jalen?

- I have plenty of memories of me getting hooked like that. So it's like I felt like I had to stop, even though I really didn't. But it was just memories going through my head when I was running.

- All right. Next time you get a run like that, keep running until you cross that goal line, OK?

- OK.

- Hey, congratulations. Great job tonight. Big win on a big stage. Go enjoy it.

- Thank you.