Ilya Kovalchuck impressed with LA Kings’ atmosphere in NHL return

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Ilya Kovalchuck made his much anticipated return to the NHL Friday in a losing effort and he focused on what the LA Kings need to improve upon after the game

- You guys are still walking away with a point tonight, Ilya. How do you feel about your debut with the Los Angeles Kings here at Staples Center?

- The atmosphere was great, you know. We thank to our fans. But the result can be better, you know. Quicky keep us in the game in the third on that short-handed. The guys played great.

But we've got to score in our chances. We have few our line, but we didn't score, so. But that's our first game, you know. Everybody were a little nervous. The Sharks played their second game. So they-- you can tell they feeling real better. So I think against Detroit we'll be much better.

- What is it that you guys are going to go back to practice, work on, and make sure you bring next game?

- Definitely our power play. You know, we're-- sometimes we can't even get in the zone. It's unacceptable. You know, the-- John put us out there. He believes in our skill and our willingness to do the right things. And we have to do it if we want to be out there.

- Thanks for your time, Ilya.

- Thank you.