Recap: Sharks 3, LA Kings 2 in OT (10/5)

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The LA Kings fell in dramatic fashion in the season opener, but head coach John Stevens found some positives to take away

- Well, I thought the goal Kopi scored was a big goal. And then the goal Tyler got, obviously, was-- got us right back in the game. I mean, the-- probably the most encouraging thing is the way Kopi, and Iafallo, and Kovalchuk played. I thought far and away that was the-- the most jump Kovalchuk's had there, and I thought he made a lot of things happen out there. And it looks like he had really good-- really good energy, so I thought it was definitely a good sign.

REPORTER: What did you think of Wags? I think he even had a couple of nice opportunities.

- Yeah. You know what? He's-- he continues to impress with his speed, He's-- he-- his speed is-- is a really good asset that he uses. It seems like he gets one, or two, or three breakaways a game just from flat out straight-line speed. So I think he can really be a tough guy to play against. Because anytime he gets in a footrace, he's got a chance to win it, whether it's beating out an icing play, or getting in behind a defenseman, or just winning a race for a loose puck, which he did it again tonight. So it's good to see.

REPORTER: What exactly happened with Doughty there? It looked like he may have taken a slash to the knee, or--

- Yeah. He got slashed behind the play. Sometimes you get hit there, and it gets, you know-- [INAUDIBLE] on the side of the leg, there's a nerve there, and your leg goes-- leg goes numb for a minute. But, you know, they didn't-- they, obviously, didn't see it. And he got looked at. He was fine and came back.

REPORTER: What are your emotions when he's down on the ice pounding it? Was it-- what-- what are you thinking when you're seeing that?

- Drew?


- I saw the replay right away, so, you know, figured it was something that just stung him there. It didn't-- you know, it didn't look like it was too vicious. But, you know, had they seen it, it's a penalty. But, you know, a lot going on out there. But, you know, he didn't miss too much time, so he's good to go.

REPORTER: What are your thoughts on putting Carter, Toffoli, and Pearson back together?

- Just history. You know, obviously, those guys have played together a lot. They've played together and played well in a playoff situation. They-- we think it should be a really good line for us. So it gives you Kempe as your third-line center there and puts that line together. It gives you a little bit of balance up front there. So just the history of those guys playing together in the past. There's no reason why they can't be effective again in the future.

REPORTER: And where was the-- where did you see the breakdown on San Jose's winning goal?

- Well, we had a long change there. They had fresh people on the ice. I think Tyler was thinking about changing and then realized that it wasn't a good idea. And I just think he kind of got beat by a step going to the net there. It's-- it's funny. When it's 3-on-3, a lot of times, it's the defending that gets you.

And I thought tonight we had a chance to defend that play and didn't. And that's usually what happens-- either a good chance one end goes back the other way and break up a 2-on-1. It goes the other way-- but, in that case, I think we got tired people that didn't defend as well as we normally would.