All the feels with Major Douglass Rauschelbach

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Major Douglass Rauschelbach surprises his family at Kings' Opening Day game.

COMMENTATOR: Our hero of the game. That is Major Douglas Rauschelbach of the United States Marine Corps.

That's a fabulous moment. But the moment before the game when he surprised his family, I don't think the family was expecting it too much, were they, Major Rauschelbach?

- No. No. It was a big surprise.

- Get that microphone up for your dad.

- It was a big surprise [INAUDIBLE]. The wife set it up and everything, and I was just as surprised to be able to be here. So, oh OK, let's go for it. So.

- Well, we're going to look at it, right now. By the way, your kids are adorable. Melissa, your wife, you have been-- you have been the real hero, I realize that. I want to ask-- oh good, you have the microphone. Can you tell me what this meant to you, Melissa?

- Oh my gosh, it meant so incredible much. Just seeing the pure joy of my kids when they got to see their dad, you know, the surprise. Everything that the Kings have done for us has been amazing. I can't even-- I can't even put into words how much this means to our family.

- Major Rauschelbach, could you introduce me to your beautiful children?

- OK. This is my littlest one, two years old, Bellamy.

- Bellamy.

- This is Brian. He's four. And then Rory, right here.

- Hi, Rory.

- She's six.

- Hi.

- And then there's Teagan. She's nine.

- I don't know [INAUDIBLE].

- Let's ask Teagan, the oldest, what was it-- come right over here. What was it like for you, the surprise moment-- we'll turn you this way-- to surprise your daddy? It really worked well.

- I think it was very nice when my dad finally got to come home to us, because he's been gone for so long. And I just thought maybe that he can never go away again.

- Thank you. Your dad's a real hero, and you guys were fantastic today. You're very brave also.

Major, just-- lastly, just your thoughts on what this moment meant to you.

- Hey, it's amazing having-- I missed these little ones so much, and it's just a great experience. I don't think I'll ever forget it, and we'll remember it forever.

- Thank you so much for your service to our country.

- Appreciate it. Thank you.

- Incredible moment. Major Douglas Rauschelbach of the United States Marine Corps, wife Melissa, and these four gorgeous children.

Hope you enjoyed that. I sure did. We'll be right back.