How good will Jonathan Quick be in goal for LA Kings this season?

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How good with Jonathan Quick be in goal for LA Kings this season?

- Well let's talk about the deep pairs. You know, we're going to see Drew Doughty. Of course we're going to see him with Derek Forbort.

At one pre-season game back, I spoke to him. He said he feels good but it might take a little maintenance along the way.

JARRET STOLL: Yeah, one game-- you need a little bit more than one game, I think, in the preseason to feel great. And I'm sure Forbs is just going to get right back into it. He's going to play a lot of minutes playing with Drew. He's going to be at that 25 mark. Probably 22, 23.

Then you got Muzz and Marty, they played together for years. They know each other's games inside and out. Dion, he's just a Steady Eddie back there, Dion. And then you've got Oscar Fantenberg, who basically won that spot out of training camp. Played well enough to win that spot and play with Dion.

- He might have won it with those two playoff games he had over 40 minutes against Vegas. Played really well. He made the Kings' opening night roster last year. I think Alec had an injury. But this year it's different for him. He has more confidence, he wants to play all 82. So he's going to try to hold off Paul LaDue. We'll see how that goes.

Jonathan Quick-- I've been watching practice this week. He seems like he's stopping absolutely everything. Was that the feel when you were in practice and he just carries that right over to the game? He's one of the best.

- Yeah, he's one of the most competitive guys I've ever played with. I think he is the most competitive guys I've ever played with. He just-- he cares so much, he battles. Doesn't matter if it's at the end of practice or start of practice. He just does not want to see that mesh move behind him.

And he's a special guy. He cares a lot about this team, he cares a lot about winning. I know he hasn't won a Vezina trophy, but that guy, he does not care about that. He just wants to win more Stanley Cups. And he's a great guy to have on your team. He's a leader. He should almost have a letter on his jersey but--

- Yeah.

- --it's kind of weird with goaltenders. You don't do that. But he's a guy that he leads by example that way. You see him on the ice, he's a fiery guy. He gets in to scrums. Not a lot of goalies do that. But Quicky's a little bit different that way.

- Great point about the leadership. You would certainly know.

Let's get right now to The Late Shift. Are you ready? Here it is.

JARRET STOLL: That's what we're calling it?

- That's right, that's what we're calling it. Hey, I came up with it. I hope you like it.

- It's OK.

- Let's see, what do you got as far as-- you got your eye on here in this opener?

- I got the two new guys. You got to go with Kovalchuk and Wagner. Those are two guys. Goals and speed. Goals and speed. That's what this team needs, and Ilya Kovalchuk brings the goals. Also, Wagner brings the speed.