LA Kings Live: Carrlyn Bathe with Anze Kopitar

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LA Kings Live: Carrlyn Bathe with Anze Kopitar

- Last time we talked, you were looking forward to this final week of practice before opening night tonight. Tell me, what have you and your team worked on this coming week?

- I think just everything. You know, try and get up to game speed and really work at some final touches. And I think we're in good shape.

- Now the Sharks have Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson, two of the best defensemen in the NHL. What does your team need to do early on to make sure you make them less effective in tonight's game?

- Just contain them. Obviously try and take time and space away from him and try to make it as hard as we can on them and make them defend as much as we can.

- Thanks for your time, and have a great home opener.

- Thank you.