What the LA Kings lines look like without Dustin Brown

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What the LA Kings lines look like without Dustin Brown

CORRESPONDENT 1: --through the lines, because Kovalchuk. It's been five years. What do you expect?

CORRESPONDENT 2: It's been five years. Yeah. He looks good to me. He looks good. He looks happy. His legs looked good. He's skating well. He's shooting the puck. You know, a guy like that, it's pretty tough to lose a shot like that. So, happy he's with Kopi. Hopefully, they make each other better. Alex, I followed back up with the top line as well. He played a lot there last year.

And Then you got the the 70s line back together. Hopefully, they can get some chemistry going where they had it a couple years ago and provide some offense on a nightly basis.

And then, you've got that third line. This is kind of the x-factor line for me.


CORRESPONDENT 2: Austin Wagner, we're going to talk about him coming up. First NHL game. And Kempe and Trevor Lewis. So, obviously, with Dustin going out, it kind of makes this line possible. And I am very, very interested to see how this line's going to handle themselves.

And then you've got the so-called fourth line. But Amadio, Mike Amadio, centering Nate Thompson and Kyle Clifford. Amadio and Thompson will take draws on their strong sides. So that there's the lines right there.

CORRESPONDENT 1: Yeah. You know, and I was talking to Tommer. His birthday, by the way. So happy birthday to Nate Thompson. He's catching up to you.

- Nah.

- He's still not quite. No.

- Get out of here. I'll host this show myself it I have to.

- You'll get back out there.