Anaheim Ducks. Prime Ticket & FOX Sports San Diego. Saturday.

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Another season of Ducks hockey on Prime Ticket is here!

[MUSIC - MUSE, "DIG DOWN"] ANNOUNCER: And the Sharks have swept the Ducks.

[MUSIC - MUSE, "DIG DOWN"]: When hope and love has been lost, and you fall to the ground, you must find a way.

- I think it's more frustrating than anything, that we were able to do what we did with the injuries that we had, and then the way all that went down. I think it kinda was shocking.

- In this league you're either first, or you're-- it doesn't matter where you come. So if you don't win, it's a disappointing season.

[MUSIC - MUSE, "DIG DOWN"]: You must find a way

- Any time you get swept in the first round of the playoffs, that's pretty unsuccessful and leaves kind of a bitter taste.

- Just being around the guys right now, I think we have a lot of that fire and motivation, because of how last year went.

[MUSIC - MUSE, "DIG DOWN"]: Dig down!