It’s Los Angeles. It’s the Kings

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Friday night, Oct. 5. The Los Angeles Kings open their season, at home, vs. the rival Sharks.

[DRAMATIC MUSIC] NARRATOR: It's what we've all waited for, the start of a new season. From the promise of October through the nail-biting push in early April. Tonight, the Los Angeles Kings set off on that journey.

There are the veterans, like Toffoli, Carter, and Muzzin. Sturdy, reliable, the core of the operation.

COMMENTATOR: Wind up and a blast. Score!

NARRATOR: There are the faces of the next generation, like Iafallo, Amadio, and Kempe. Young and full of promise.

COMMENTATOR: Kempe with a steal on Subban. He scores!


NARRATOR: There are the unsung heroes, like Clifford, Lewis, and Martinez. Selfless, physical, courageous.

COMMENTATOR: Martinez up top. Scores!

NARRATOR: There are the superstars like Quick, Doughty, and Kopitar at the top of their respective craft.

COMMENTATOR: Quick robs him on the back door.

NARRATOR: And then there is the return of one of the league's top goal-scorers, Ilya Kovalchuk, who comes back to the NHL with only one goal in mind, to bring a Stanley Cup back to Los Angeles.

So the objective is clear. The stage is set. It all begins tonight.