Best Of The CIF-SS: Jordan Wilmore, RB, Lawndale

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USC is getting a good one next season in Jordan Wilmore of Lawndale, one of the 'Best Of The CIF-SS.'

[ANNOUNCER OVER LOUDSPEAKER] ANNOUNCER: And we're going long. He's got Wilmore behind the defense again.

ANNOUNCER: That type of back that he'll run for four, he'll run for five, he'll run for six, and then, all of a sudden, he'll run for eight.

ANNOUNCER: Into the endzone for a long [INAUDIBLE] touchdown.

- The number two all purpose back in the country. Come on, man. There were people that didn't even know your name a couple of years ago, and now you're one of the best in the land.

- It's a blessing, but honestly, I don't even get caught up in that type of stuff. Because it's just like-- it really don't matter. It's just who does good on the field. They only you remember as your last, so it's just-- keep on it.

ANNOUNCER: It's Wilmore, absorbing a hit. Keeps on driving. He's close. He's in.

- All right, so it all isn't perfect, though, because as a sophomore you rushed for over 2,000 yards, as a junior you rushed for over 2,000 yards. But even after having back to back 2,000 yard seasons, not a lot of recruiting action coming up. What's the deal? I mean, why are you so underappreciated?

JORDAN WILMORE: I guess people thought I was too small. People didn't think I was fast enough. I mean-- obviously I can't, like, work on my growing, but I got faster, and just showing people that I'm really, like, good at this.

- All right, so at the end of the day, is it one of those situations where you're humbled because you know what situation you came from, and now every time you step on the field, somebody's going to have to pay?

JORDAN WILMORE: Yep. Yep. That's the chip on my shoulder, for sure.

JOHN JACKSON: You're playing with a chip on your shoulder. I get that. There's a lot of guys that play with a chip on their shoulder. But you know, for you, day in and day out, work ethic, what does that mean, in terms of playing with a chip on your shoulder?

- Man, I just go at somebody like-- you know, it's somebody else always working. So if you're not working this up on your game, somebody's always going to be better than you. And I always want to be the best, so that's just-- that's my motto.

JOHN JACKSON: All right. So in order to become a complete back, obviously running the ball is part of it. But also, you're a good receiver out of the back field, as well. How much pride do you take in the receiving part of your game? Because everybody loves to run the ball.

JORDAN WILMORE: Yeah. For sure. But I just-- actually, I tell people I'm the best [INAUDIBLE] on the team, because I just want to be-- like, I like having a ball in my hands. So I like catching the ball, leading it in, scoring, and I just like running it with the football.

JOHN JACKSON: All right. So is it one of those things where like, you'll trash talk the receivers?

- Yeah. For sure.

- Get out of the way?

- Oh, yeah. For sure.

- Oh, man. You couldn't play on my team, man. There's no way you're going to get-- no way you're going to take me on like that. I talk to coaches, and when everybody describes you, they describe just the passion in which you play the game. The effort, the toughness.

- Yes, sir.

- You know-- looking for contact. You're not the biggest guy, but you still play that physical brand of football.

- Yeah.

- Why? Why is that in you?

- Because everybody don't like me, so I gotta show people why they don't like me.

- So like, he hate me in arena football?

- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just like that. Just like that.

- All right, Jordan. I know that playing running back, there's a lot that goes into it. I mean I always wanted to be a running back. A Pop Warner coach can put me at receiver. They must not have thought I was tough enough. I think I'm tough enough, so I think I can handle it. So I need you to walk me through some drills, so I can at least show everybody at home that's watching that I probably should have been a running back, instead.

- Gotcha. So right now we're just going to do a forward drill. So when you get the ball, you see what's going. Use your footwork. That's the first thing that moves when you're moving, so--

- OK.

- We're gonna do that first.

- All right. All right. Let's get into it. Let's get--

- Right now we're just doing one foot. Regular. [INAUDIBLE]. Make sure of these, too.

- Yep.

- Yo, keep it high.

- Way up here?

- You gotta keep it high.

- Man, I--

- Naw. You gotta keep it high.

- All right. Show everyone?

- Yep. Just one foot. You don't even have the ball [INAUDIBLE]. You're gonna fumble it in the hole.

- Huh?

- You're gonna fumble in the hole.

- Oh, I didn't tuck?

- Naw, you never tucked.

- Man, I can see the defenders. Not even worried about that tuck part.

- All right.

- I'll get it down.

- Now we're just gonna do one foot in, one foot out.

- All right, just let me know if-- Oh!

- See?

- OK. OK. All right, all right, all right.

- You wanna do it with the left, or--

- Naw, let's go with the next. Let's go to the next one.

- Next one? Are you sure?

- Yeah. I gotta catch my breath.

- All right. So this time we're just gonna put one foot in. It's like-- Got it?

- OK. One foot in and out.

- Yeah, so-- Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I'd probably be a two star when it comes to my feet.

- Yep. Yep.

- Oh, shoot! There we go. Now I--

- Yep. Yep.

- I gotta get the rhythm. I gotta get the rhythm.

- Yep. You got it?

- When am I ever gonna use this?

- In the middle of the hole. It's-- like, I did it so much to like, where it's just natural. Like, I don't even know I be doing it.

- But-- but you're-- I mean, when you run, you're elusive.

- Yeah.

- But you have some power to you. You don't do any of this footwork stuff.

- That's like, look-- all right, say you're a defender. So I get the ball. Say you're coming toward me. I got to do all that.

- Oh, I gotcha.

- In the middle of the hole.

- OK. So that's why we gotta get this down. OK.

- Yep. Yep.

- All right.

- So this one-- you sure you're ready?

- I don't know. I wasn't ready for the other one, but go ahead. Oh come on, man. You're making them up as we go.


- That's 10.

- We gotta move on to something else. What's the next drill we're going to do?

- We're going to do the jump cut.

- OK. All right. Jump cutting.

- Yep.

- Out of the hole.

- Yep.

- What happened to just the oldschool stiff-arm? You guys don't do that no more?

- Yeah, but--

- It's oldschool?

- Yeah.

- Right on. Aw, yeah. All right. So I saw how to do it. It's just me trying to do it's the problem.

- So let me see. You run to it. You know how you do that?

- OK.

- Jump. You gotta do it fast, though.

- So it's a check-- the [INAUDIBLE], and you're jumping out of the cut?

- Yep.

- OK.


- Yeah! Woo! Woo! Let's race. First I need something. Now I'm ready. See? This becomes a problem. You remember-- in case you didn't know-- you know I played in the NFL?

- Yeah?

- Like, NFL. Let's do it. Come on. Gotta stretch. Gotta stretch. [INAUDIBLE]. Watch this.

- This man is not going to beat me.

- Look at this. I got--

- I don't even gotta tell you, he's too happy. Once--

- I got a [INAUDIBLE].

- Watch. Watch.

- Ready? Set? Go!


- Jordan, I appreciate you, man. Thanks for having me.

- No problem.

- Man, I'll tell you what-- you put Lawndale on the map, and took me off the map. All in one day. I appreciate it, man.

- No problem. No problem.

- All right. You're a special dude. I know.