Coach Question of the Week: Most rewarding thing about profession?

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Coach Question of the Week: Most rewarding thing about profession?

- I think the most rewarding thing for me is when I see kids go off to college and then come back and visit us. When they come back and they talk about the experiences and the things that we were able to provide them at Bosco, and say that it's not much different when they get on college campuses, makes me feel good.

- Just seeing the impact you can have on young student athletes.

- Seeing the kids 10 years after they graduate.

- When the kids come back and say thank you.

- Oh, just watching the kids grow.

- When you win a championship, just seeing the looks on the kids' faces.

- Seeing kids develop, and having them go on to college. And being able to watch them on Saturdays and now Sundays.

- Helping young men achieve their goals.

- When your ex-players call you and have had success, and they call back to say that the values and the ethics that we taught them are one of the keys to their success.

- Watching young men come together for a common goal, and achieving their dreams, and growing as young men.

- Seeing guys who don't seem like they can tie their shoe actually turn into really incredible people.

- When high school kids allow me to go on the journey with them through the high school experience, and being with them every day. And seeing the growth and the lessons that they learn, and they take with them the rest of their lives.

- Helping young men achieve their goal that they're trying to get.

- Seeing kids develop and helping them develop.

- Seeing the growth of our young boys into young men.

- Just getting a chance to see the kids develop over the years. Obviously watch them mature. And then when they come back as husbands and fathers, that's kind of a cool thing to see.