WATCH: Clippers top T-Wolves in preseason

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Tobias Harris leads the way in 128-101 win.

ANNOUNCER: I would say defensively he might not be where you would like him to be. But rebounding, blocking shots, he is.

RALPH LAWLER: Oh me, oh my. 15 points for Gallo in eight minutes of play.

ANNOUNCER: --that all the answers are going to be there in the first week or two weeks. But I just-- to be honest, it a little bit, it was a--

RALPH LAWLER: It's at least his third block of the game. Rose-- again, just the presence of Beverley. Harrell behind the pack, and down she goes. 13 for--

ANNOUNCER: --Wolves chances of making the playoffs now this year without Jimmy Butler.

RALPH LAWLER: Be really tough.


RALPH LAWLER: Yeah, they took a big step down. 3-ball, Tobias Harris.

- What was clicking offensively?

- Well, you know, all the offense came from our defense. We was able to get out, get some stops, get out in transition, and really let that fuel the offense. Gallo made some really good shots. But the thing about it was we were moving the basketball from side to side. We made them defend a couple actions and was able to get some very good looks.

REPORTER: Did it look like you guys or did it feel like you guys could've done anything better tonight? You looked really solid on both ends.

- We could always be better. I thought at times we let them off the hook with a bunch of fouls. And I think that's something that we can clean up, just playing without fouling and being able to let our defense fuel our offense and continue to get good plays from that.

REPORTER: Last question-- the bee sting-- doing OK?

- Yeah, I'm Better. I'm better. But it was a tough hit for me. 26 years without being stung by a bee. So I'm a little disappointed. So you got to keep them away from me, LA.

REPORTER: You might be icing the pinky after this one.

- Yeah, maybe a little bit.

REPORTER: All right, Tobias. Thank you.