Doc Rivers Impressed with Clippers’ ball handling during victory

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Doc Rivers presser after Clippers 128-101 preseason win.

- It was great. I thought our movement was great. Just our pace, the spacing, the pace, the multiple ball handlers, I think, is just really hard to guard when you have Gal bringing the ball up, Tobias bringing the ball up, Trezl bringing the ball up. It's really hard to set your defense, because you're not sure at what point the offense starts at the other end.

I think that been really good. We had 36 assists tonight. They're moving the ball. They're playing together.

We had a lot of scoring on the floor, a lot of shooting. And the spacing is allowing guys to go downhill. So I liked how we were playing.

I thought the second group, the first time in came in and thought they were going to just play offense the same way. But they forgot that you have to get stops first. And so I thought that was a good lesson for them. You don't just join in. You do what the other team are doing. And so the second half, I thought they were much better.

- Tobias got a little [INAUDIBLE] three, four.

- It's tough.

- He's not going to be that efficient every night, but is that what you guys envisioned them to be?

- Yeah. They were that way last year for those five games that they played. They didn't play a lot.

I always watch, because it's interesting. For a while, they had a four on Gal, then they switched the three and put the four on Tobias. Every night, you see that teams are really struggling trying to figure out which guy to put on which guy.

And those two figure it out early on who has the advantage. And they're just so unselfish. They let the other guy go. I think it's been fantastic.

- Coach, how do you get into analytics? You're plus-minus today was great. I think you had three players over 20 plus-minus. Is plus-minus a stat that you look at?

- Yeah, but not during the game, not a lot. But I love analytics. I love my eyes too.

And so really, you put them all in the same thing. Today, analytically speaking, that was not very hard to figure out. When you have a lead, there's going to be a lot of big plus-minus things.

But we do it. We use it a lot. We have an entire staff of guys, and they give me great information every night.

- Pat and Shai seemed to play really well off of each other. How did you think of that pairing?

- I loved that. I wasn't sure it was great. It turned out the way I want it to without saying anything, what we talked about before.

I wanted Shai to have the ball more and Pat to be the spacer. That's how it worked out. And it worked out without me saying it.

And so that was a test-pass tonight. I don't know if it wouldn't have worked the other way either. But I just thought that was the right way to do that. Because Shai, with his size and his ability to get in the paint and Pat, with his ability to shoot and cut, and the fact that they figured that out without me saying it, I think, it tells you that this team is pretty well-connected.