Rookie Gilgeous–Alexander chats after Clippers win

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Shai scored 12 points in Clippers preseason win.

- Your second game. How did it feel this time? Any different than the first time out?

- Yeah. I felt more comfortable out there.

- Obviously the more games you play, the more practice you have, things like that will happen. But most important-- most importantly, we got the win. So I'm happy.

- Got the win. The team had 36 assists in this one. You and Pat actually led the team in assists, with five each. You also had zero turnovers. So what are you trying to show the coaches with that?

- I'm just trying to make the simple play every time, and take what the defense gives me. If we all play like that, including myself, we should have no problems scoring in this league.

- I know that we joked about the last time feeling like you were a little bit slower in the second half. Did you feel like you were able to pick it up in this one?

- Absolutely. Coach [INAUDIBLE] put me through a couple drills, and I'm feeling better. And I feel it right away.

- You said you had cement shoes on last time. I guess you left those at home this game?

- Yeah, I definitely did.