Tobias Harris talks leading Clippers in win

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Tobias Harris scores 23 points in preseason win.

- What was clicking offensively?

- Well, you know, all the offense came from our defense. So we was able to get out, get some stops, get out in transition, and really let that field offense-- you know, Gallo made some really good shots. But the thing about it was we were moving the basketball from side to side. We made them defend a couple of actions, and was able to get some very good looks.

- Did it look like you guys could, or did it feel like you guys could have done anything better tonight? It looked really solid on both ends.

- We could always be better. I thought at times we-- you know, let them off the hook with a bunch of fouls. And I think that's something that we could clean up, just playing without fouling, and being able to let our defense fuel the offense, and continue to get good plays on that.

- And last question, the bee sting-- doing OK?

- Yeah, I'm better. I'm better. But it was a-- you know, a tough hit for me. 26 years without being stung by a bee, so I'm a little disappointed. So you know, you gotta keep 'em away from me, [INAUDIBLE].

- You might be icing the pinky after this one.

- Yeah, maybe. A little bit.