Tempers flare as Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury get into shoving match

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Ahead of the December 1 WBC Heavyweight World Championship bout, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury made their final press conference stop in Los Angeles where the typical diatribe turned physical and the fighters had to be restrained

- Not a man born from his mother that Tyson Fury's afraid of. And especially not a man who wears pigtails every day.

Can you sit down first.

- Definitely not.

- Have a seat.

- Definitely not. I don't sit. You sit.

- It seem like you nervous.

- Like I said yesterday--

- You're nervous.

- You notice it in the presence of greatness.

- You nervous.

- I don't sit.

- Have a seat.

- I don't sit. You sit and let the Master Disaster talk.

- When you all come to see fights, you all come to see somebody get knocked out. You ain't coming to see 12 round fights. I know you coming to see a little skills. But you coming to see this man body on the canvas. And that's what I'm going to deliver for you come December the 1st.

You got two months. You got two months to prepare for me.

- I don't need two months. I'm ready to go now.

- You like the real thing right now.

- I'm ready now. I'm ready.

- You feel like the real thing right now, don't it? Look, it feel like the real thing right now.

- I am ready. Ready.

- I'm ready too.

- Well let's go then. Let's pull the fight forward to this weekend!

- Everything you say.

- Make sure you turn up--

- Hey hey, whoa.

- Everything you say.

- Stand up and fight on the day, you big useless [INAUDIBLE]. Make sure you turn--

- You are so nervous, bro. But you should be because you dealing with the killer of [INAUDIBLE].

- I've seen plenty of killers.

- You dealing with the baddest man on the planet. You dealing with one that will knock you out in one punch. And I can't wait. When I look over your body, I'm not going to have no mercy for you. Usually when I hit my opponents on the ground--

- All right. Hold on. Hold on. Hold up. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's enough. All right. OK. All right. OK. me Folks. Tyson. Tyson. All right. Everybody, the talking will end. The fight will be on December the 1st. Showtime, Pay-Per-View. We encourage everybody get their tickets at the Staples Center. It's going to be a great fight. The talking will end. And the fight will begin. All right. All right.