Clippers rookie Gilgeous-Alexander shines in preseason

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Clippers Live takes a look at a top rookie this season.

- Shay and Patrick Beverley on the court. There's been some interesting chemistry early. It is early, but it seems like Pat [INAUDIBLE] kind of put him under his wing, and he really wants to work this young man into what he expects to be a pretty great player in the NBA.

- Well, listen, you need your 11th pick in the draft to be a contributor. You need to. I don't care what team you're on. So they need to bring him along.

He-- you know, obviously, coming from college, there's a lot to learn, but I love his measurables. I love big guards, and he's really big. He's really big. He's really long.

And the best thing I saw the other night, Cory, was this. You're a rookie playing your first game. I know it's a preseason game, but a lot of guys force the issue. A lot of guys are trying too hard. A lot of guys are pressing.

He played at a great pace the other night, and I think, in watching him in college, did the same thing. It's almost like glides around the court. It's not hard for him. He glides. The thing that he's going to have that's going to have to come on for him to play huge minutes, I think, is the three point shooting.

- Well, if he--

- And it will, I think.

- Yeah, you absolutely right, and if he continues to work on his shot-- and again, you have some great shooters on your team, that you can look like a Tobias Harris that can shoot the lights out. But what impressed me most about, even at a game, was defensively because you've seen what Patrick Beverly did early on, and he came in. Shay missed his first couple shots, and then he knew, like, oh, maybe I should pick up on the defensive end, get some stills, get out and transition, make the right plays.

And again, like you said, this pace is great because when you're young [INAUDIBLE] in this league, you play-- sometimes, you play way too fast, and it takes-- it takes players a couple years to figure it out. But he has that already. You know, he has some leadership qualities that I see from that point guard spot.