Patrick Beverley happy to be back on court with Clippers

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Patrick Beverley happy to be back on court with Clippers

- Congratulations on the win there, Pat. And I'm telling you, it's a sight for sore eyes to see you out on the hardwood wearing this Clippers uniform. Obviously, you only played 11 games last season--

- Yeah.

- --before you went down with a knee injury--

- Yeah.

- --at which time you were averaging a career high. But out there tonight, you're doing a little bit of everything. How did you feel?

- I felt great. You got to give the doctors back in Houston, but especially the [INAUDIBLE], our training staff, man. I worked my ass off to get back, man. It was a tough journey. It was sad for me to go down. But I was just so happy to be back out there with my teammates, man. And we had a good win. So it was good.

- All that work paid off, Pat.

- Yeah, yes, ma'am.

- Now, on a personal level, you've been to a few training camps in your career. Do you look to add anything to your game or to improve upon anything?

- Oh, of course. No matter if I'm hurt, I'm-- as I got here, I went the lap, hard as I ever worked in my life, try to become a better playmaker, try to make more plays, try to get my teammates involved, and it just all happened tonight.

- Well, speaking of your teammates, a lot of new faces around here. You guys are coming off a week together for training camp in--

- Yes, ma'am.

- --Hawaii. What have you learned about your team? And what'd you learn about them after this game today?

- Oh, that we're tough as nails. We going to come out every night and play. You're not going to just roll over us. We coming to fight every night. And we're going to leave it out there on the floor. And that's our motto.

- Well, it's good to see you guys back out there.

- It's good to see you guys, too.

- All right.

- Clipper Nation.

- Yeah, baby.