Top Tier Trends: Angels vs. Athletics; Start of NHL

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Is Shohei Ohtani a better singer than Justin Bieber? We vote yes! The final Angels series of the season, the start of the NHL campaign and much more on the latest edition of Top Tier Trends with Taylor Felix and Carrlyn Bathe of #XTRAPOINT.

TAYLOR FELIX: Hey Everybody, I'm Taylor Felix.

CARRLYN BATHE: I'm Carrlyn Bathe, and these are your Top Tier Trends presented by ARCO.

- We hope your weekend is going to be as lit as the Angels bus was after Justin Bieber, I mean Shohei Ohtani picked up the.


- Don't worry, the full clip is coming your way.

- By now, we all know Shohei Ohtani will undergo Tommy John surgery next week. But there's two silver linings here. One, he should be ready to hit by around the start of next season. And two, this surgery should not affect his vocal cords.


- The weekend's festivities kick off tonight with Oktoberfest. We hear there's going to be beer, if you're into that sort of thing. No? Baseball? Beer?

- Hooray beer!

- The party continues all the way up until the end of the season, because our rockstar Shohei Ohtani will be in the Music Garden for a scheduled appearance tomorrow, Japan Day.

- Any coincidence that Shohei in the Music Garden? Anyone?

- (SINGING) Despacito.

- Tomorrow is also Fan Appreciation Day, so make sure you show up early to the stadium to get your Mike Scioscia bobblehead.

- The NHL season kicks off next week.

- Yes.

- Winter is coming.

- And we will be back with more Top Tier Trends, Hockey Edition.

- Tune in tonight for the final series of the Angels season. "Angels Live" pre-game starts at 6:30 PM on Fox Sports West.

- And those were your top tier trends, presented by ARCO, the official fuel of Fox Sports West.

- Now you've waited long enough. Here's the clip.