Jose Briceno gets ice bath, overjoyed with walk-off homer

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Jose Briceno powered through a ripped shirt and ice bath to try and put what he was feeling into words for Alex Curry

- Jose, a pinch hit, walk-off home run. Describe that feeling once you saw it leave the ballpark.

- Amazing. That's how-- unbelievable. For me, that's a bless. So I feel like I can't even explain that.

- And with the tough road trip this team went through, what's it mean to you to get this team back off-- on track and start this home stand off--

- Woo!



- Wow.


- Mm.

- What's it mean to you to help get this team back on track?

- Hey, I feel awesome. I feel like I can put my delivery on me to help my team to win. So that's why we're here, to win games.

- Just five games left this season. What are you hoping-- oh, that's so nice.

- Thank you, [INAUDIBLE].

- What are you hoping to accomplish? What's your mentality?

- Well, just finish strong, get healthy, and just win more games.

- Congratulation on an unbelievable walk-off home run.

- Thank you so much.