#XTRAPOINT: Rams and Chargers stadium tour

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Go behind-the-scenes at the construction site of the future home of the Rams and Chargers.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Hey guys, Taylor Felix here. The LA Stadium is under construction. And today, we're taking you with us to check on the progress of the Rams' and Chargers' future home.

But safety first. Hardhats on. Let's hit it.


We're here.


Tell us where we are at in the process right now.

- OK. Right now, we're close to 50 yard line. Actually, those yellow bollards are the 50 yard line, the actual 50 yard line. We're down at stadium level. The event level is what we called it.

And this is where all the action happens. This is where the sacks are happening. This is where the touchdowns are happening. You're at ground zero right now.


TAYLOR FELIX: AG, is such a unique project. What's it like for the organization to be a part of the process. You're able to get the progress actually happening.

- Today is incredibly exciting. You can look around and you can see that it actually looks like a stadium. 2020 just feels like it's coming really quickly.

TAYLOR FELIX: As the excitement builds, what are you looking for to most in terms of calling this place home.

KEVIN DEMOFF: Well, I think most is giving us a unique home field advantage for our fans. This is truly the first NFL stadium that's been built for NFL fans in Los Angeles in over 100 years. And certainly for Rams fans, we designed this stadium with them in mind.

And whether it's the pitch of the seats to get them closer to the action, whether it's the types of food that's coming in the building, whether it's unique digital immersive experience, being sunk 100 feet in the ground, it's going to be a very loud place for our fans. And if you get a sense of how loud our fans can be at the Coliseum, I think this will help take a notch. But the pride in being a Rams fan, walking in and saying I'm part of the first ever NFL stadium designed for Angelinos, designed for Rams fans, that's what makes us excited for our fans.


ELSTON RIDGLE: You can expect just a total experience that really encompasses the whole LA field. The stadium itself was built with a lot of LA features into it. It'll talk about our topography here in California, from the forest to the beaches, and everything in between.

You'll see a lot of bars that actually share that theme and build upon those themes. You'll see niche little restaurants. And on the palladium and on the Champions Plaza, we'll have kiosks, and vendors, and concessions. It's just going to be a party here every time this thing is open and hosting an event. It's really going to be something special.


TAYLOR FELIX: Well, a lot of work has been done but there is still a lot left to do. I cannot wait to see what this place looks like in 2020. Signing off from the LA Stadium, I'm Taylor Felix.